Review: Madame Tussaud

08 March 2011

title: Madame Tussaud
author: Michelle Moran
stars: 4
review: by kirthi
summary: goodreads
pages: 426

In this deft historical novel, Madame Tussaud (1761-1850) escapes the pages of trivia quizzes to become a real person far more arresting than even her waxwork sculptures. Who among us knew, for instance, that she moved freely through the royal court of Louis XVI, only to become a prisoner of the Reign of Terror? Her head was shaven for guillotining, but she escaped execution, though she was forced to make death masks for prominent victims. Novelist Michelle Moran covers this breathtaking period without losing the thread of its subject's singular story.
My thoughts:

   Once again, Michelle Moran has written a wonderful historical fiction that is surprisingly straying away from her specialty of Ancient Egypt and moving to the French Revolution! It was historically accurate and very historical, leaving no detail behind. It's amazing because Michelle is the only author I've read that does this, whereas there is more fiction than history in other historical fiction books, in her books, there's more history than fiction.
    There were some parts where I felt the romance was lacking, even though this wasn't supposed to be a romance, it just made me scream. 
   What I found amazing was that extremely important figures in (modern) history were included, and said things that they, in real life, would have actually said!
   However, there were few bad points like, there were so many people to remember, and the events were too close to each other, and the ending was not satisfying. But besides that, Madame Tussaud's a keeper.

2 thoughts:

  1. I could see this would be an enjoying book.

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