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11 February 2011

Lately, I've been dissatisfied with the YA novels I read. You probably noticed all my reviews reflect that! So I'm here to discuss (list) the common cliches on YA!

  • Teens who are vegetarian
  • Parents you are teachers, writers, or historians
  • the words "coffee" "cafe" "cappuccino" pop up
  • shy, withdraw characters taking refuge with kind compassionate teachers in the art room
  • Fingernail biting
  • Characters who chew on their lip or tongue in times of stress – usually until they taste blood
  • The popular boy dating the dorky heroine
  • the heroine describes her looks by examining herself in the mirror
  • Younger siblings who are geniuses, adored by everyone
  • The mean-spirited cheerleader (and her gang) as the story’s antagonist
  • The best friend who gets all the guys but doesn't want them
  • hero or heroine is a tortured artist, usually plays guitars
  • Vampires
  • the mean hot guy who's never been interested in a girl until he meets the heroine
  • The girl moves to a new school and finds a crush on the first day
  • he saves her life once, and she's forever obliged to love him
  • insecure heroines who tell themselves they're not good enough
  • tortured bad boys who don't think they're good enough
  • heroine falling in love with her older sister's boyfriend or older brother's best friend
  • a dead mother or father or sibling
I could keep compiling to the list, but I feel it's unnecessary. I looked up some of these from other blogs that I thank very much (unfortunately, I closed the tabs with their URL's so I can't link them for credit)

  I really hate those books that are focused on just romance. A girl's life doesn't revolve around a guy. And stories like that bug me.
 And what do you think? What are some cliches you hate?

5 thoughts:

  1. Ugh I so agree! I hate that love at first sight deal. I also hate when the girl thinks the guy doesn't like him because of one little thing he did. Um, really? Especially when they're dating.. if he didn't want ya, he'd break up with you darling. And how they are all consumed and nothing else matters. Really? You just forget you have friends, family, a brain and a future all for some hot piece of action? Really?

    Yeah, can you tell I'm a little sick of this stuff too?

  2. I don't think being a vegetarian is necessarily a cliche. (Mind you, I'm a vegan, so I don't think it's that weird.)

    And do today's teens not drink coffee?

    The cliches that bother me did make your list, though. I'm tired of the heroine who meets a guy and falls madly in love at first sight. Usually when there's an instant attraction, it leads to infatuation or lust... not lifelong, undying love.

    I also don't like the parents who are academics... because usually they're not very bright. Maybe they're just book-smart and real-world-stupid, but it still bothers me.

  3. I feel ya!

    I'm ready for some originality.

    And I love when a story is about more than love.

    Have you tried Tyger Tyger?

  4. I do notice that lip-biting thing - but never really thought about it. But, then again, I do it too, haha. As for other cliches, they don't bother me per se, but it is very hard for a romance book to go past though cliches and make me love it. Interesting post! :D

  5. uummmm then dont read it
    those books are made for people who DO LIKE IT
    ( and i noticed your not getting that many comments, but at least u got a couple of new followers :D )


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