Opposites Attract or Similiars Mesh

11 February 2011

 Ah! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I had family matters to resolve. So I apologize for the wait! Today's question issss:

Opposites Attract or Similars Mesh?

Opposites attract definitely. Being the same as someone else in anything that I do personally is just boring. My boyfriend tells me that I disagree with him just to disagree and although I usually would disagree with that - it's probably true (please don't tell him that though ;) ). I can't stand to read about two people that love reading all about cars and playing car video games and who also both love mint and cherry ice cream...its boring. Like some of the same stuff but how are you ever going to expand your horizons if you hang around with carbon copies of yourself?

The Golden Eagle:
Both. It really depends on the people. It's always kind of romantic when someone finds a soul mate in their opposite or something like that, but I do think, for example, that two quiet people can fit together and that two outspoken people can have a good relationship.

Both? answer a question with a question. People and characters are so complex.

1 thoughts:

  1. Opposites may attract, but I think that there need to be things in common for people to stay together for the long run and enjoy each other. I wouldn't be able to stand my husband if we had nothing in common!


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