CSN Review

25 February 2011

I know that this review is much delayed, as is a lot of stuff I was supposed to post, but hey, I'm catching up! ^_^
 Remember that I reviewed yoga stuff? Apparently I haven't stopped. CSN has SO much yoga stuff, it's pretty much settled that all I'll review will be yoga related.

 Recently, my parents started going to yoga classes at my temple so I asked them to help me review toga mats for them. Theirs seemed so old and worn (they wanted to start a long time ago but hadn't started) And so I bought them these.

  The quality was kind of lacking, because when it was unrolled, it had this deformed shape for a while that later straightened out (way later). The size is larger than I expected and it's great.
Mom: It's so big and comfy........wow! Thanks, I love it!
Dad: Hmm......(examining it critically).....it'll do.

   And if my dad approves, than it's OK.

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  1. I think it is so sweet that you chose something for your parents. What a sweetie you are.


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