Top Nine (10!) Bloggers of 2010

01 January 2011

   2010 has been such an amazing year! It's flown by so fast, and I've made so many more blogging friends. They're here to support me, always, and I love my friends and their blogs.


    There are a ton of "favourite" books out there, but there are only so few "favourite" bloggers out there. I love all of you to death, really I do, but I'd like to point out these lovely bloggers of whom I appreciate.
    This also ties in with my other blog, Barefoot, which they all inspire me to continue.

(In no particular order)

Quinn from seeing, dreaming...writing
Quinn is an amazing writer, and he inspires me to write, and gives me feedback on my own writing. He's very nice and picks a bunch of great subjects to post about. Seriously, I love reading his blog.
<-------Go Quinn!

Julia from iridescence
Julia is a really lovely and sweet blogging friend that makes me so eager to check my inbox. She gives some of the best advice (she's wise ^_^)and she also inspires me to write! Her writing, and I'm proud to admit this, is far better than mine. She's the highest standard on my bar, and I always think "If Julia can do it, why can't I?"

Milli from Home

Milli is a talented book blogger that I very much admire. She's also one of my oldest blogging friends as well. Back when I just started, I discovered Milli. I've watched her change her designs and make new blogs and it was a wonder reading her blog. And whenever I feel like nobody reads or likes my blog, Milli's always there to support me. She's the best kind of back-up and insecure blogger could possibly want!

LTM (Leigh T. Moore) from That's Wright ------------------------>
Leigh's a fabulous writer, and she's also inspired me. She blogs about books and writing, and her posts are always fun and informative. She, like Milli, makes me feel like I'm not alone in my blog and that someone's actually reading.

Amelia  from The Autheress 
I love her blog. It's one of my favourites! Amelia's another really sweet and cute blogging friend that I love. She's a serious book reader, and knowing that, it's easy to connect. I'm happy she's a blogging friend of mine ^_^
<------(nice glasses)

The Golden Eagle from The Eagle's Aerial Perspective
The Golden Eagle is friendly and has a unique perspective on a lot of things. She makes me see things like I don't usually see them, and that is another form of inspiration. I love you, Golden!!

Brent from The Naughty Book Kitties
Brent is one of my favourite
bloggers. I first met him when he was a fairly new blogger, blogging for about one month. His posts were amazing and I loved his blog immediatly. So I interviewed him. And his answers only made me admire him more! He's like a spunky, sassy bottle filled with inspiration. I mean, you don't see many gay people so open about their gayness, and I think it's wonderful that Brent is proud of it. He's such a good friend! <---------------(I love his glasses)

Awel from My Designer Girl

Awel is a sweet, hardworking designer who is the best designer ever. She answers so many questions about designs for everyone without charging, she's so patient with everything, and very very strong. I love her to death!

 Deniz from Best Manga's and Their Reviews
Deniz is one of the only manga bloggers out there that I've found. Her reviews are concise, and are enough for me to decide if I want to read a certain manga. She also keeps blogging, even if she has 11 followers. I remember when I had 11, and I felt like I should stop blogging because not many people followed. Deniz is also hilarious, animated and expressive. I love her as well.

And the last blogger? She recently shut down her blog, so I'm sorry!

Honerable Mention:
Precious from Fragments of Life
She's my international (Filipino) affiliate that I enjoy talking to sooo much. She's caring and loving and incredibly sweet and I enjoy talking about and to her. It's interesting talking to someone who lives in another country, you know? Plus she's just a great person. And she's beautiful ^_^

Anyways! Just know I appreciate all of you, even if you're not on this post. Imagine if I tried to fit all 456 of you on here ^_^

7 thoughts:

  1. Aww, thanks! You are very much one of my favourite bloggers too :)HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. you sweet thing! Thank you so much, and keep those beautiful pictures and thoughts coming! Have a super 2011~ :o) <3

  3. Thank you so much, Kirthi! I love reading your blog as well--it's one of the best around. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. yay! *hugs* Thank you Kirthi! You're so sweet. :) me? Gorgeous? *looks at the photo* you're sure this is me? Kidding! Happy New Year!

  5. oh, you're so sweet. happy new year to you.

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