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09 January 2011

I just finished reading The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Thanks to Erica from The Book Cellar for the signed poster and journal that came along with it ^_^
 And, of course, I'm in love.
 With both of the hot guys. Jem and Will. Will is strong, hot and gorgeous with blue eyes and dark hair. He's kind of like an old fashioned Jace. Jem is a white Asian with white hair, silver eyes, bony delicate structure and hands...oh Jem. I like him. But I think Will is better for Tessa. Jem is mine....mwhahaha!

 If you don't know what I'm talking about, you must read The Clockwork Angel!!!
 And because I couldn't resisit....I had to make a character cast. I used Tynga's Character Cast for help, and Cassandra's website too.
(to the left is Tom Welling, if only he weren't so tan)

Nicholas Hoult as Will
He's flirtatious and beautiful, and he knows it and uses it well. He's cocky and arrogant on the outside, but I think he's someone better on the inside.
Nicholas is British, so can nail the British accent part. I kind of wanted Tom Welling to be Will, but I think he was too tan. But otherwise, I wish TOM WELLING by Nicholas will just have to go.

He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes. Even the curve of his throat was perfect. He looked like every fictional hero she’d ever conjured up in her head.”

Hideko Takarai as Jem
I first saw Tynga's casting before reading the book, so automatically, Hideko popped up. He looks sweet and beautiful and perfect for Jem! He has that thoughtful look and that slender frame. However, he's supposed to be completely white and silver. Maybe like this guy

“(his hair) It was an odd bright silver color, like untarnished shilling. His eyes were the same silver, and his fine-boned face was angular, the slight curve of his eyes the only to his heritage.”

Sarah Bolger as Tess

Tessa is a sweet, innocent and trusting girl (like most girls back in that time period) but she can be stubborn and strong and tough when she needs to. She asks a lot of questions and she really cares. Sarah Bolger has that innocent nice-girl look with the perfect gray eyes (no need for contacts!) and the exact shade of brown hair that I imagined when reading!
She also played in the Tudors, so she's familiar with the dresses and all that.

(…) Tessa had been perfectly content with her own smooth brown hair and steady gray eyes. (…) taller than most of the boys her own age

 Amanda Seyfried as Jessamine 

Jessamine really just wants to be a proper lady and nothing else. She's so tough, even though she may not like it. Amanda just strikes me as a the perfect role!

She was almost ridiculously pretty, what one of Tessa’s novels would have called an English rose- all silvery fair hair, soft brown eyes, and creamy complexion.”

And I couldn't find the rest of the characters. Sigh.
So what do you think?

5 thoughts:

  1. I like your cast! Especially the person you chose for Tess; that's exactly how I pictured her in my mind.

  2. Oooh, your cast is great! I think Hideko would be great for Jem, but no way to the other guy. xD

  3. Love this!! I really like who you picked for Jem. *melts* kidding! He's perfect for the role!

  4. I love who you have for Will, the second picture, the one with the bright deep sea ocean blue eyes. The hair is pretty good too. At first glace I thought Jems picture was a Woman, but now that I looked at it a second time he's accually really cute. He will most likely have to dye his hair silver, and get silver contacts, but other then that he's perfect. I didn't get Tessa picture up on this webpage but I looked up the name on google and she's Perfect. Her hair needs to be maybe a little shorter like 2 inches past her shoulders. Jessamines' person is great looks a lot like I thought she would look. If you go to Cassandra Clares website she has a great person for Charlotte, but not for Henry. I don't think Henry's character looks like that at all. Well that's just my imput so if you don't like it sorry, everyone is titld to their own opinion.

  5. His name is actually HideTo, and he's better known as Hyde, the singer for the Japanese rock band L'Arc en Ciel ^_^ The photo is from the film Moon Child, where he plays a jaded vampire brought back to life by the friendship of an orphaned boy. Seeing your post and thinking of Moon Child made me realise he would be perfect for Jem indeed! And his English is quite good, too! :P *wishful thinking* If you're interested, there'll probably be clips from Moon Child on YouTube, check it out! I love this film so much, it's very different from your usual vampire/mafia stuff, in a very good way!


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