Water Shaper Re-Create Winner!

22 November 2010

Here's the winning cover! Unfortunately, I lost the e-mail and info of all the covers, so I don't know the creator of this cover! I checked back at the entries, and one of the covers had been removed from the link, so I think that person may be the winner. Please contact me at raokiki6@gmail.com!

So congratulations!

Change: The cover was international, so it couldn't recieve the prize. It was all my fault. The winner is actually Amelia!
By the way, I don't usually post the winners for contests here at Pages. I usually just directly e-mail the winner and get things going. Just curious, would you like me to post winners or not?

3 thoughts:

  1. Congratulations! It's an awesome cover! :)

    Awesome contest, Kirthi! Personally, I think posting AND emailing wouldn't be too bad an idea, because when you post up the winner, other people are aware and also, it gives them a chance to congratulate the winner. :)


  2. That is an amazing cover! Congratulations to the winner!

  3. It's me! thank you, girls ^_^

    Kirthi, if you look at the original contest post (September 23) you'll see in the comments of mine and I wrote you email to remove the cover because you added on the rules that it wasn't international. you replied that didn't matter and did me a test for be from Spain, do you remember? So I wasn't sure if I could participate. Anyway I also write the email. And thank you for have done the contest and these girls so nice.
    A big kiss ^_^


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