24 November 2010

I'm going on vacation to Florida!!! My family, including about....5 others will all be going to our Aunt and Uncle's house. It's pretty big, and yeah, it'll fit more than 20 people. It's going to be a massive family reunion. There's even the dog I left behind.
Last time, I traveled the house with an "invisible fence" disk, and every time Shiba came close to me, I'd wave the fence around. And then, on the LAST DAY of my staying there, I finally got to love her. Then I had to leave. Sad, right? But now we "shall be reunited once more!" quote Trelawny (spelled it wrong) from Harry Potter.
With a pool, a tennis court, a home-theater, a pool-table, and a couple of television sets scattered around the house, no one will ever be bored. Whopee!

Anyways. I'll be gone for a good 4-5 days, so I'm sorry I won't be able to post all the wonderful, and amazing things I had planned. You wish ^_^

Adios! I'll miss you all!

5 thoughts:

  1. I hope you have a blast, Kirthi! Enjoy the sun :)

  2. Enjoy! Dang, that's a big house! Lol, yay to the Harry Potter reference. Are you/have you seen the last movie (part 1)? [Does it bug anyone else that they split the last book into 2 movies?]

  3. Yeah I went to my uncles to
    Huge house and they invited the whole family
    Like 49 people
    But we easily fit
    His house is enormous too
    There's huge rooms to fit 30 people in!

  4. I remember your blog before all the "glam" about a few months or a year ago.

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