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15 November 2010

After reading Smitten With Book's post on her top 5 favourite book covers, I decided to do my own. Expect with 4.
They are not ranked in any particular order ^_^


Fragile Eternity- Melissa Marr: The lovely shades of violet and the delicate, perfect butterfly fits so well with the title "Fragile Eternity" Something so beautiful as eternity, yet so inhuman, can be symbolized through a crystalline butterfly. Plus the characteristic cheekbones seen in faeries from Melissa Marr's book in the background is really reflecting the inside of the book, which is not seen in several books.

Hush by Donna Jo Napoli (one of my favourite authors)

The grim, darkened shades of the cover and the half smile-frown on the models face reflects the grim severity of the book. The girl is enigmatic and sooo mysterious. And the cover itself. There isn't a million swirls or flowers. It's simple and loud in the best way.

A Map of the Known World- Lisa Ann Sandell

Notice how the heart is built of mechanical parts. It gives the impression that the heart is work of art, pieced together by so many things. It's beautiful. And if you can see, there's a dark black backdrop with black bricks. It's gives a textural, and more hard-core story. I read the book and it's...amazing. The cover reflects the book perfectly. Simple, raw and emotional. Hey, I should write a review....

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher: The cover is one of the most beautiful covers of 2011. There's no sparkles, or gold, or flowers or pretty supermodels. There's a mysterious young girl with chapped lips, dry skin and that is bursting with tears (of hope?) of water.

3 thoughts:

  1. Lovely. I especially like the cover for The Water Wars.

  2. I'm absolutely DYING to read The Water Wars...the cover is so incredibly striking! :)

  3. Fragile Eternity's cover is so elegant!


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