Harry Potter: Giving Shape ot My Life

18 November 2010

I've always dreamed I could go to Hogwarts. I always dreamed of getting my Hogwarts letter! The closest I've ever gotten, though, was this weird dream that I went to "Wizard Camp".

Since elementary school, I've read the Harry Potter books so many times over that it's hard to count. Always, at home in my bed, I'd have a thick chocolate bar, maybe some Indian chai, and a Harry Potter book. My parents always scolded me, threatening to get rid of my Harry Potter books because I read too much. I think that's how I got glasses...
Anyways. Harry Potter has always been my constant bed-side companion and the books that brought me into the wonderful world of reading and magic.
Harry Potter shaped who I am, with his wonderful humour and the writing. I became a writer after being inspired my the awful talent of J.K. Rowling.
  • In the 4th grade, I did a biography on J.K. Rowling.
  • I attended the Midnight premeire of the Deathly Hallows Release
  • I attended all movies (except the first two) in the theatre
  • I still, to this day, quote Harry Potter
  • When asked what I like better, Twilight or Harry Potter, I scream "HARRY POTTER!"
  • I cried so much when Dumbledore died, I really did. I was depressed the whole day.
  • After coming out of the theatre after watching the Half-Blood Prince, it was raining and I said "The sky is crying for Dumbledore"
  • The password to my computer and e-mail is a Harry Potter term
  • I went to Orlando to the Harry Potter park and drank Butterbeer and bought my own owl and wand at Olivanders after standing in line for the entire day.
I'll continue, but I've got to go to my crummy, non-magical, purely academic public school. Hogwarts, WHY?

I do so honestly believe that Hogwarts exists. Or at least some magic school. It's still my dream to go there........

6 thoughts:

  1. I REALLY wanted to go to Hogwarts for a while. Still do, actually; that place is so cool.

    I had a dream I went to boarding school, but that was the extent of that particular fantasy . . .

  2. I think every person who ever read the book wants to go to Hogwarts. It says how great of an author J.K really is for people to have her creation so much. ^^


  3. That's a wonderful fantasy Kirthi. I hope one day it comes true! They are really amazing books. I agree with all your points. =)

  4. That's a wonderful fantasy Kirthi. I hope one day it comes true! They are really amazing books. I agree with all your points. =)

  5. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ENTIRE POST! IT IS BEAUTIFUL :) I haven't been to any of the midnight premieres..but I always wanted too! And I do the exact same thing, chocolate and a book...best combo ever! And yes, Hogwarts DOES exist, so does magic!

  6. What the heck r u saying!!!??
    U wish kirthi
    Magic . . Ha ha that's funny
    Magic is created from the hopeless imagination
    Of humans that want a better life
    To heck with that is what I say!
    People should just be happy that their even
    Even if we die the world will continue as it pleases
    Not even looking back at us
    Only the people that actually knew us will miss us
    To the rest of the world that doesn't know us
    'we mean nothing'


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