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12 November 2010

I've had the amazing opportunity to work with CSN in the past, having already done both a review and giveaway, I decided to do another review.

What's CSN?

Now, if you haven't already heard about CSN, it's a mega-online store with pretty wide variety of items, with over 200 stores. Seriously, if you go through CSN it has EVERYTHING from kitchen appliances to bathroom shelving to exercise and fitness, and it's amazing.

How amazing?
Know that this is truly my opinion, and I'm not getting paid or whatever to say any of this, but CSN really is satisfactory. The package I received last time arrived within a week. Imagine my surprise. The packaging was very careful and safely protected all the items. PLUS, did I mention over 200 stores with almost everything?

Bathroom shelving?
The bathroom shelving has a load of gorgeous styles, that are simple and beautiful, seriously. And they're fairly inexpensive.

What will my review be on?
Probably on these:
Gaiam Super Yoga Mat Wash
Gaiam Organic Cotton Yoga Straps
Gaiam AM/PM Stretch for Health DVD


Since I've been into health and fitness, I've been searching through the YOGA section that CSN has, and I'm not kidding. CSN has yoga! I already have a pretty worn yoga mat, so why not use some mat wash? And to help with stretching, why not have straps? (They help you stretch when it's hard, like touching your toes) Plus, since I'm a beginner, I need an explanation DVD.
I've checked and the prices for these items are far cheaper at CSN than at Amazon and guess what? Walmart doesn't even have Gaiam products on their store website!

Anyways! Just be on the watch for
  • a CSN review,
  • a couple of book reviews
  • a giveaway
Adios, mi amgos!

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  1. I always forget about the other opportunities book-blogging brings. I'll have to check out your review, because I looove yoga!


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