CSN Review: Yoga!

28 November 2010

Thank you Jocelyn from the CSN Promo Team for offering me a chance to review products from CSN. From over 200 stores online, I had a wide variety of things I could choose from. There were a TON of stuff in the Yoga section, I was pleasantly surprised.
For the review:

I got several packages on this day, so I opened this one without reading who it was from. But upon opening it, I realized it was for CSN! They ship really fast, it's great. Kind of makes me feel important ^_^

I plucked all my stuff from the white wrapping-peanut and fittingly laid it on my yoga mat:
The Review Part
The Organic Cotton 8 inch Yoga Straps from Gaiam

The yoga straps were soft and strong, and really helped with stretching. A sad part was that I had to look up how to use it on the internet. I really think a "how to" on this product would've been nice.
I give this product a 3
Next, the Gaiam Super Yoga Mat Wash
So I spread out my mat in the bathroom:
And then I took an old white T-shirt and scrubbed the mat with the wash. It said for deep cleaning to spray freely and wait till white foam to emerge. I tried as hard as I could to make white foam, but only a few little clusters popped up, after a good 15 minutes of vigorous cleaning. I didn't get these dark lines of stain out of my mat, but I did clean off a lot of brown-dust and gunk off of it. Plus, there was this lingering, fresh scent that came from the fragrant oils in the spray. How nice ^_^ I'd give this product a 4
And finally, the AM/PM Stretch DVD from Gaiam.

Madeline Lewis is a skilled instructor that taught me a better routine exercise than the one I was doing before. The AM part took place on this giant rocky disk in the mountains with sunlight pouring through. The sunlight was kind of distracting, but it didn't really affect me that much.
The morning routine was relaxing, yet still gave me this boost of energy that I needed to start my day. Very helpful!
What I like about this product is that it includes both AM and PM Yoga exercises, whereas all the others are either AM or PM or Power or Fat Burning, and all that.
The night time routine was calm and brought down my energy and had be ready for bed.
The only problem was that I have my mat set up in the privacy of my bedroom, and the room is really crowded. With my bookshelf, desk, vanity, bed, and night-stand and all of my furniture. Some of the exercise I couldn't do because of space, but it's a mistake on my part.
Otherwise, the DVD was amazing! Informative, easy, and incredibly helpful.
I give this product a 5

I hope all the excessive pictures didn't bother you. ^_^ And I hope you enjoyed the review!

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