Water Shaper Voting Round 2

06 October 2010

I know that this is WAY over-due, but I just totally forgot until now! My apologies! Seriously, I'm soooo sorry!

It's time for voting!
2 will go onto the next round! Open Until next Monday morning
-Make sure you choose the right box when voting!

Choose your favorite, not which one the person asked you to vote on please

-If you put up a post you can show people your cover but you can not hold a contest if they vote for you!
-Please do not ask them to vote for you just because you want to win, please ask them to vote for their favorite!
-Be careful when voting, make sure you are choosing the right box under/below the image for the cover you like best.

Water Shaper Voting Round 2

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2 thoughts:

  1. I voted for the 2nd .. but I liked 3rd and 4th too


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