New Review System. Help?

26 October 2010

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Wow, does it feel good to write a couple of reviews! But I've been thinking, I need a new review system. How does this look:
pages: ___

recommended for:


my thoughts: [overall thoughts]



What I'm thinking of doing, is some math. Add up the total of my pros and cons, and divide my pros by the total. Like if there were 10 Pros and Cons total, and there were 4 Pros out of the ten. It'd be 0.4 or 4/10. Hmm?

Or would you like me to use icons?
5 icons or 'stars'- very very good. a 'best book' (A)
4 icons or 'stars'- very good, but several problems (B)
3 icons or 'stars'- on the brink of good and bad (C)
2 icons or 'stars'- not very enjoyable, (D)
1 icon or 'star'- a 'worst' book

OR, do you have a totally new idea that you think I should try? Maybe mention the publisher and the publication date? Or the price on certain sites like Amazon or Book Depository. Or the genres and categories the book could fit into?

I'm just hoping I won't have to do a load of work by cramming in all of these into a review.
And thanks so much for being patient and dealing with all this. The last 2 reviews set me back on track and clear of any more required reviews. I'll start posting reviews on pleasurable reads, of which I have a lot to post about. This is again, a "book review blog"

3 thoughts:

  1. This looks like a very clean, easy to read review system. I vote "yes" for it! And I also have to say that I love the new layout and colors of this blog! It's so pretty! :)

  2. i have the same style and i would say go for it!

  3. YUP.
    Keep it clean, orderly, and most of all STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.
    Thats how i like everything done.
    so thats A YES!


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