New Design: Awel Prince

23 October 2010

Have you noticed the changes?

Like the layout?
The music?


My Designer Girl. She's a sweet and lovely designers who I've enjoyed working with for this design. I'm a very picky person, but Awel was patient and worked so hard and created so many choices for me to pick from.
Her designs are unique and are "creative and beautiful" It's like taking a thousand handmade threads and weaving it together to create a masterpiece. Paying attention to every detail, Awel kind of read my mind and plastered all my little whims on canvas. The whole process was quick and smooth and easy. The price is incredibly affordable, and much more cheaper than other design shoppes, and the only difference is that Awel's quality doesn't change a bit, it's always the best it can be.

She has this style, this flair that's different for every designer, except that her designs shine out and mine....I love the texture and the colours...they flow together in perfectly, like water in a stream!

And the music is from Avatar, one of my most favourite movies! Seriously, it's amazing. Do you think the music should play automatically or would you want to manually turn it on?

What do you think?

Oh yeah, and please grab my new button on my sidebar! I'd really appreciate it!

4 thoughts:

  1. Your blog looks beautiful! I love the colour scheme. :)

    As for the music, I can't stand auto-play. It startles me, and makes me close a site immediately (if I've got my speakers turned on). I'd say give people the choice as to whether they want to listen or not.

  2. It looks nice. :3 All I'd say is that you should NEVER use autoplay. I listen to music on iTunes while I browse the web and if there's music on a site I'll just close it. :P

  3. I love the new look of your blog! The colors and the layout are awesome. Although, I do agree with Arianna--I usually shut off my speakers when I'm visiting sites.

  4. It is so gorgeous! And I like the description of Awel. What is the pricing? And I like turning it on yourself. But the colours (note the British spelling) are beutiful! Truly, truly...


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