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03 October 2010

Hi everyone!

My affiliate, Liz at Cleverly Inked, has started a weekend meme called "Weekend Question" where she asked,

"What got you into blogging?"
What got be started was that I wanted my own website one day. I used for a while, but the templates and all of the stuff on it was mediocre, so I found Blogger. My friend Nathan and I started our own "GO GREEN" blog in which we posted about all the climatic problems in our world. Of course, we went on and off on them and created a load of new blogs. Then I realized that I was more of a loner, and I didn't really need help. So I branched off and made The 1 Book Blog, which I later re-named "Pages" I had thought that I was the only book blog, so I named it that, then I discovered a whole new community. I can't change the URL of Pages, so please don't think wrong of me! I had a strong hunger for books, all sorts, and blogging became an outlet to channel all my interests. The End.
My other affiliate, Precious, reviewed this beautiful book by Lisa Schroeder called Far From You.
Cate from Sparrow Review got this gorgeous design last week that's simple and sweet ant totally beautiful. She wished for Enchanted Ivy by Sarah Beth Durst, which also has a beautiful book cover.
On MY blog, I went crazy of the J.K. Rowling and Oprah interview. I only posted the first 3 parts, there are a bunch more on Youtube. I came up with one of my new favourite quote. I think it's roughly quoted...
"It's true for all writers: I know what I believe because of what I've written" -J.K. Rowling

Now for the Mini-Challenges at Princess Bookie.

Mini Challenge 3- Contest Craze
- Write A Blog Post Containing A Book Synopsis Of A Book You Wish Would Be Written.
-Example: If you really loved Before I Fall, you would write a synopsis for Before I Fall #2 .
- Not allowed to write a synopsis for a book that has a sequel already planned so do
your research!
The captivating new sequel to Red Glass is here! Sophie has left Pablo with his grandparents in Mexico and now Angel and Mr. Lorenzo are leaving, taking Dika with them. It's a sad goodbye, and almost two years pass by, Sophie hasn't seen Angel, Mr. Lorenzo or Dika at all. School is different, she isn't the amoeba anymore and feels more comfortable with herself, thanks to Angel. But all the while, she can't help but to wonder what was happening over there. Did Angel find a new girlfriend, are Mr. Lorenzo or Dika having a baby, what was going on?
Then Sophie's mom announces that they are going to visit, but Sophie can't help but to be afraid. Suddenly, she feels like an amoeba again.

What do you think? I made the cover too ^_^

Also, one of the new blogs I met on the Blogfest at Elana's blog was seeing, dreaming, writing... with Quinn. He's a great writer and I love his posts and guess what? He's got a 100 followers! And to celebrate, he's having an amazing contest. Enter here

I also got the One Lovely Blog Award from Caroyln at Serendipity. I'm so happy ^_^ Do you see you me smiling? Hmm?

Anyways! How 'bout some of my favourite pictures this week to inspire you?
It's taking me a load of time to bring all the pictures down here (through the entire post) so I'll make a separate post later ^_^

Thanks for a great week!

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  1. Ok, I absolutely love that cover you made! The colours are just fabulous :)

  2. Great cover! It's gorgeous! I also love the picture of that owl :)

  3. Love that quotation from JK Rowling. I'm totally going to use it for my quote of the week in my classroom. Thanks!


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