Interview and Giveaway with Lisa Klein!

14 October 2010

Cate of the Lost Colony and Ophelia and Lady Macbeth's Daughter. Sound familiar? It's LISA KLEIN!

Today, I have the awesome Lisa Klein, author of her new book, Cate of the Lost Colony! grata, welcome!1. Tell us a bit about yourself!
I love writing more than any job I’ve ever had. I love chocolate, but I love my family even more. I hate ignorance and bigotry and war. I have brown eyes and wear a size 8 ½ shoe and live in a medium-sized house surrounded by trees.

2. Where is your favourite place to think?
I think best when I’m out walking the dog, trying to clear out my head. Often I will get over writer’s block that way, or a scene or piece of dialog will come to me.

3. What type of book smell are you fond of, if you are at all. Musty and dusty, new..?
Musty—ugh! Makes me sneeze. I hate books that smell like cigarette smoke! I love the smell of a new book. I love the smell of a library. They all smell alike.

4. You’ve grown up around so much literature, when did you decide you wanted to be an author?
About ten years ago I decided to try and write fiction. I had already published two nonfiction books. So I was an author before, although a mostly unread one. Now I say I’m an author without apologizing for it. And though you didn’t ask this, I will say that the books I read (past and present) have helped make me the writer I am. So if you want to be a writer, read, read, and read some more.

5. What’s your favourite book out of the books you’ve written so far? Hehe.
Do you ask your mother who her favorite child is? Do you expect her to tell you? You know the answer: “I love all my books/children equally.” I would add that I have two sons; my books are my daughters.

6. Your books are focused on young adult books, how do you feel about children’s books?
I love all children’s books, but I’ve never tried to write anything other than YA. The complexity of YA fiction interests me, and I enjoy walking the knife edge between YA and truly adult fiction. I think teens are very sophisticated and want to be challenged by their reading choices.

7. Is there anything you like to do when writing?
Chewing erasers, listening music etc..? I can’t listen to music when I’m writing. I need quiet and no distractions. That really limits where and when I can write!

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Read everything you can, especially books of the kind you want to write. Also read the kind of books you don’t usually read. Read fiction and nonfiction. I know you expect me to say something like “Write every day!” but I won’t. (I didn’t write every day, and I still don’t.) Reading is more important when you are young. It’s the food for your imagination. Write when you can, and whatever you want! Then read some more.

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Lisa Klein was (and still is) my hero for writing Ophelia, a wonderfully woven story that totally captivated me and made me over-emotional, which is always a good feeling (means I have a heart....awkward comment) ^_^

Oh yes, and thanks to Bloomsbury (Publicity Assistant: Kate) I have a copy of Cate of the Lost Colony to giveaway!

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5 thoughts:

  1. cool interview! lisa klein sounds like an awesome writer, reader, and person.! i will have to check out one of her books from the library...or win the contest! =)

  2. Great giveaway! Cate and The Lost Colony looks great! Awesome interview, great questions!

  3. Nice interview--I loved reading her answers! Especially her advice for aspiring authors.

  4. Fascinating interview. It's always nice to get into authors heads.

  5. Chewing erasers? I'll have to try that for inspiration...


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