Why Aren't Good Guys Chosen? And other stuff!

24 September 2010

Male Protagonists can often seem way too perfect. Is it because that a female writes it, that the main guy characters are like dream-guys that the author likes?
Flaws are beautiful, it's what makes us human.
I mean, sure the guys these days have flaws like, oh I don't know, being a vampire (which involes hotness and super strength) or being a fallen angel or being a werewolf, or being a supernatural creature of some sort. Where are the nice flaws? Maybe I'm being blind or something, but I see none.
There is one book, where the male protagonist has flaws, nice flaws. He doesn't forgive easily. Joe from The Sky is Everywhere!
He's cold near the end, almost cruel and harsh towards to female. Yeah, that's what other male protagonists may seem, but he's verrry cold.
But anyways, help? Can you argue with me, because perfect male characters bother me and I really want to be wrong in this "argument"

What Aren't Good Guys Attractive?
I always ask that question when I read. Maybe it's because "good" guys are light and playful and are never serious, when "bad" guys are serious and never play around and are all tough. Do girls find that attractive? I mean, when I read books like that, I pick the bad guy, because more is said on the "bad guy" than the good guy. Then again, there is no good and evil. Mostly, it's a mix of faults Anyhoo, that's only in paranormal, I think. Only when there's two guys and one girl. I'm just curious, what do you think?

Best Friend or Hot Guy?
This kind of ties in with the last one. Which do you think would win? More often, it's the hot guy. Is this sending some sort of bad signal to teenagers?

"If one starts in a B-Minor, then one ends in a B-Minor" Artemis Fowl

That doesn't apply to books. In narrative essays, a nice conclusion is to restate the thesis statement, to tie back to the beginning.
To my thrill, there's almost always a kiss at the end of YA novels (sequels more often I think), but rare are the books that tie back to the beginning, that bring the readers home.
Tie back= single novels
Kiss=series books

This is a weird, rather long post. Sorry. But my main question is:
What do you look for in a good book? (preferrably YA)

5 thoughts:

  1. ohh, very interesting thoughts, Kirthi!

    I definitely see what you mean. Personally (like in real life) I love "good boys" but it seems like in fiction, they are portrayed as not being very serious, while "bad boys" are. Which is strange, because I'd think that "bad boys" wouldn't take *anything* seriously...because they're like bad or something. When I think of "good" boys, I don't think "perfect," I think...I don't know, morally upright. Some "bad boys" in fiction, to me, really do seem 'good,' but they just have certain flaws, like you mentioned - being unable to forgive, or having a rough exterior, or something. To me, a bad boy is someone who treats girls poorly, and is like hyperly-sexually-active and stuff. Which I find gross. Hahaha.
    Very interesting post! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  2. Great post! This is such an exciting discussion! :)
    Personally, I love when the "love interest" is sort of bad. I mean, I love a character that can manage to crack a joke here and there and can be comforting in a sweet, friendly way, not in a "here, I'll give you a hug so you can feel my amazing abs", but there is something addicting when it comes to "bad boy" characters. In reality, I'd never fall for the "bad boy". He seems like a shallow jerk sometimes, and who wants to deal with that forever, right? That said, I feel like the male character should be funny, caring, charming, protective, serious when necessary, and a little bit sarcastic, just to add some extra humor. :) Kind of a blend of both "friend" and "hot guy", in my opinion. :)

  3. Good points. I've noticed that "hot guys" usually trump "friends" a lot of the time, too. Personally, I just don't like love triangles at all; I mean, really, it's not like teenagers (girls, mostly) are always getting stuck in these situations . . . right? And anyway, what's the appeal of having to dump one guy for another and then feeling as if your heart was broken?

    (PS: Love the Artemis Fowl quote. :D That's one of my favorite series.)

  4. kirthi knows that i like evil not talking that much- cool guys.
    not the ones taht brag.
    the ones that listen.
    and watch.
    thats the type i like .
    not the popular, awesome, loved by all girls type.!
    no way
    the silent yet deadly type

  5. What do I look for in a good YA? I like realistic characters -- flawed, but mostly likeable. (And I get kind of annoyed at "perfect" characters, lol.) I like vivid settings, emotional turmoil, struggles... and I like an ending with redemption of some kind, and hope. :)


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