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03 September 2010

I re-created Freefall by Mindi Scott at another Princess Bookie Contest!

Mine:What do you think?

Added 9/4/10

Here's another cover from La Femme Readers for The Emerald Talisman re-create a cover contest!The photo credit comes from: DCSMC's "The Suspicious Minds". There was a guy in the background, but the picture was too wide and I had to crop it out.

For YA Addict's The Light of Asteria re-create contest:

4 thoughts:

  1. That's gorgeous! If I saw it in a bookstore, I'd definitely pick it up.

  2. Yes, nice cover! Very dramatic and full of suspense. :)

  3. You cover for Freefall is BEAUTIFUL!!! GORGEOUS!! LOVE THE PICTURE YOU USED!!! <3 <3


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