New Playlist + Make A Button!

16 August 2010

I've gotten great comments on my relaxing "Sound of Rain" soundtrack I had playing when bloggers visited. Some of the feedback was like, "It makes me wanna pee" and all, and I thought, "Maybe this is getting old..."
And so viola!
A new playlist!
I've been into Irish music, especially Clannad (Enya's family band) and Moya and Enya, yet sadly, Mixpod didn't have all the songs I wanted.

Check out my button I made for Brizmus Blogs Books and her meme, Nihon No Kinyoubi. Make a button and enter to win one of many Japanese themed books! Ends Agosto 22, enter here

5 thoughts:

  1. It's playing "Against the Wind" right now--it's nice music! I like it!

  2. love the new soundtrack! And thanks for posting about my contest with your entry! Yay! Thanks! :-)

  3. Nice new music! Hahahaha. :P

    But seriously, much better. Sooo unique. I've heard Enya before, but not sure how or why.

    Aww I'd love to enter the contest, but I don't have time to be making buttons! Plus, it's JAPANESE! :D Nihon no Kinyoubi means "Japanese Friday"...and I just saw on the bottom of your button that it says it. FAIL. Nevermind.

  4. Oh, forgot to mention. Nice button. :) I'll vote for your button! You know, if there are no better ones out there. bwahahaha


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