Mini- Challenges! The Hunger Games!

22 August 2010

Forst Mini-Challenge 5, I have to pick a song that most matches The Hunger Games. I pick Evacuee by Enya:
Each time on my leaving home
I run back to my mother's arms,
one last hold and then it's over.

Watching me, you know I cry,
you wave a kiss to say goodbye.
Feel the sky fall down upon me!
All I am,
a child with promises.
All I have
are miles full of promises of home.

If only I could stay with you,
my train moves on, you're gone from view,
now I must wait until it's over.
All I am,
a child with promises.
All I have
are miles full of promises of home.

Days will pass, your words to me,
it seems so long, eternity,
but I must wait until it's over.
It reminds me of Katniss leaving home in The Hunger Games. Pretty accurate, huh?

Which Hunger Games character was the best? Besides Katniss and Peeta, I'd say Cinna. Or maybe Haymitch....nah, I'd go for Cinna.
He's creative, he's a genius, he's sweet and just plain amazing. Crafty fingers, beautiful outcomes, he reminds me of myself (haha, I'm bragging, aren't I?) in those ways. I AM creative and a genius is particular areas, and I can be sweet sometimes, and plain amazing. Beautiful outcomes? Nah, I go through too many mistakes to always have beautiful outcomes. Crafty fingers? You could say that. My fingers are so totally bones, no meat. Veins jut out, as do my tendons. My nails are often violet and ivory, pale and bloodless. Freaky, right? No, it's CRAFTY!

So yes, that sums up ME in a relation to Cinna! Cinna, you're my fictional hero! The man of paper of whom I strive to be like in my creative mode. CINNA!!
Say no to that! So no to CINNA! (not really, because you CAN'T say no to him.) ^_^ If you kill him, Capitol people, I'll murder you in your sleep, or hopefully Katniss will. I hope she slaughters you guys anyways, but lay a finger on Cinna, and I'll go berserk. I'll rampage through the Capitol and destroy like all hell has broken loose.

Ha, maybe. ^_^

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  1. I LOVE the music that comes up here now! It reminds me of The Hunger Games and MOCKINGJAY! <3


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