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09 August 2010

Prismacolor. I got, instead of the 24 -pack I own, the 48 pack. The colour pencils are amazing. They're smooth, and clean, and blend in perfectly. Unlike Crayola, Prismacolor actually listens to my mind, not my hand.
The colour choices were wider and more varied in the 48 pack. If you want to get coloured pencils, I suggest the 48 pack. The 24 pack and less have too bright colours and not many choices.So smooth, grainy, and easy to colour and sketch with, Prismacolor is amazing. Look at the pictures I drew!

The first one is a character in my new story, her name is Mitsuki. I tried to make her look Asian, but I haven't perfected the Asian eyes. The next two are also characters of a different story. You can see how the colour blends in just perfectly. mixing together in perfect harmony. Awesome, right?
You can see that I also got the typical Zebra mechanical (mechno-canical!) pencil! Seriously, I'm in love. It's so smooth and metal-like and slick in my hands!

Also, while I'm taking pictures, I thought I'd show you my measly bookshelf. I only have enough to fill two shelves. I blame it on my excessive giveaways (to you guys) and donations to the library.
I took this picture a while ago. I have a few new books (This Lullaby and Storm Glass and a lot of others) I think I'm due for a very long In My Mailbox. Haha. And oh, school tomorrow, way past my bedtime! Bye!

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  1. I love it! I wish I could draw. :( I can't though. Like, at ALL! But your drawings are lovely! ^_^

    That is NOT a measly bookshelf. There is no such THING as a measly bookshelf. :) You've got some awesome books there! I've been dying to get a copy of "Bleeding Violet" and "The Dark Divine". >.> It's taking forever to come in at the library. I spy...Other...ooh, that's a good one...Sea Change...Everlasting...Fallen...LINGER!!!

    Great books. :)

    Hasta luego, chica!


  2. You have a lot of books I want! Just to name a few: The Hunger Games (yeah, I know, I'm delayed!), The Lonely Hearts Club, How to say Goodbye in Robot, A Little Wanting Song, The Body Finder, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, Elizabeth Scott, Shannon Hale...most of them are on my wishlist.

    My bookshelf is measly-er than yours, my YA books don't fill up a whole bookshelf! Altogether, my books take up 2 bookshelves (plus a bit of doubling up of paperbacks piles!)

    Nice drawings! I haven't done any drawing in such a long time. I loved drawing so much, but I don't have the time or inspiration to do any anymore. The colours look great!

  3. You have a few books that i've been wanting to read!

    The Dark Divine, The Hunger Games, Bleeding Violet!!!

  4. http://art-deco-odyssey.blogspot.com/

  5. Great pictures!!! Really awesome! Clllalrlal alnldl Alildleln? Hope you understood that. I don't know why, but I pictured Clllalrlal differently. And AMAZING pencil!!!! I want one! And then the bookshelf is great. But what about the Enya stuff....

  6. hey kirthi,
    i have one thing to say.....
    TEAM GALE hahahaha just kidding. but really that is the coolest pencil i have ever seen



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