Birthday Celebration!

31 August 2010

My birthday is coming up soon (this week) but it's going to happen on one of these days. Could be today, could be tomorrow, or the day after ^_^ I have reasons for not sharing my birthday.
Being 13 has been rough, kind of. I mean, I became a teen and a "woman" AND everything's so different. I miss elementary school more than anything. I remember cutting and pasting and drawing and banging away at instruments. I remember playing in the sandbox with my friends, and starting a tiny business in the 3rd grade. I remember colouring pictures on Thanksgiving, or having the day to colour and play and have fun. I remember getting candy in our shoes on Three Kings Day, and I remember arts and crafts.
Middle school brings along its good memories too. Meeting all these new people with different personalities, learning to play the viola, and meeting dedicated teachers. I remember playing Spoons using Social Studies terms. We had cards that had European countries and cards with different types and forms of government, and instead of using those, we played with numbers behind my teacher's back. It was in a great classroom, with the 5 people who were my closest friends in 6th grade. I remember my science teacher's coffee addiction and her constant sarcasm and hilarious picking on kids. I was one of them, she'd always pick on me and we'd share laughs.
I remember all the fun I had in Science Olympiad (which is not going on this year) I remember going to Oglethorpe and Gainsville, hanging out in classrooms and racing to events all over campus. I remember spazzing out with my older friends and constantly stopping after every event to buy M&M's and candy from vending machines.

I have many memories that I'll treasure forever, and that I'm so lucky to have. Recently, the full impact that the future won't always be bright, that I might die attacked me. I've become more grim and the fear has only made me stronger.

Reading and blogging with you guys, is amazing. When I have no one to go to, I get a book out, and I blog. Your everlasting support and kind words make me feel better than anything, make me feel like I'm Queen of the World. You bloggers and commenters are mt body-gaurds, metaphorically speaking.

On my birthday, I plan to reflect upon my life and what I can do to improve it. My New Years resolution is written on my birthday, because it's a new year for ME.

I know, this is so grim and serious. Not used to it, huh? Yeah, don't worry! ^_^ I guess I'm getting all freaked and emotional. I hope you don't mind!

There will be a total of 6 small giveaways, because for some reason, 6 has always been my lucky number! The giveaway will end on different yeah.

Buenos Noches, mi amigas (amigos)
Los amo a todos, ¡siga leyendo!

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  2. so...Happy birthday!!
    Buenas Noches ^_^

  3. Happy Birthday, Kirthi! I hope 14 is a fantastic year for you! :)

  4. Happy birthday!! Feliz cumpleaños, in spanish. I hope you have a great day ♥

  5. Happy early birthday, Kirthi!!! :D

  6. Happy upcoming Birthday!
    And try to look up - 14 is going to be an awesome year, I'm sure!

  7. I love how you are reflecting on your year! Great memories...I agree, elementary school was the best...The Paper Lantern, you!, and mamy great things! Aww, I'm getting all sweet and sad over my younger life. Kirthi! ~tear,tear~ I guess I am remebering my years too...considering I am turning 14 in a few days as well...and yes. You are older than me. I admit it!
    So, yes! Happy birthday!!! =)

  8. ¡feliz cumpleaños!
    Breithlá sona duit
    Joyeux anniversaire

    happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    So many fun adventures await!

  9. Happy Birthday Kirthi! I hope you have a fantastic day.

  10. Happy Birthday, Kirthi!! Hope it's going to be an awesome new year for you.

  11. THE PAPER LANTERN! I sooooo remember that! Good times, good times.


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