Upcoming Review + 395!

28 July 2010

I'm a Preferred Blogger! Seriously, that makes me feel very special! ^_^ I was contacted by Jessica at the CSN Promo Team (Again!) to do another review!
You already know about CSN and all, so I really don't have to tell you anything about it, do I?

Well, last time I got Prismacolor colored pencils and a drawing pad, but the colors were very limited, so I'm probably going to review a wider variety of color pencils. Mwhaha!
They have this awesome Zebra mechanical pencil that I'm using right now in my novel and a load of dining room furniture that look amazing!
I'll be posting the review as soon as possible! You really should check out CSN if you haven't already, I mean, it's like the Titan of all Furniture stuff.

Also, I'm so shocked to see that Pages has 395 followers! I remember when I had 100, how I freaked and spazzed out in happiness. So imagine how I feel at 395!!! Whopeee!!!!! I'm going to have a Green contest to celebrate once I reach 400 (a prettier number) followers! Also, I have 5 people signed up for Green Extravaganza (starting August 9th) If you want to participate (please do!) Sign up here! (You must post on August 9th, I made a mistake on the form, sorry)

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts:

  1. I have been hearing a ton about CSN but I was wondering, how did you get started blogging about them?

  2. Wow, that's cool! I've seen a lot about CSN lately.

    You have an award waiting for you over at my blog! Congrats! :)


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