My crush!

07 July 2010

I've been thinking about posting about my crush(es), but that would seem obsessive, hehe. You all already know I love Johnny Depp ~sigh~ but I also have had a SECRET crush!
Now don't judge me, but my secret crush is.....

Jesse Tuck from Tuck Everlasting (a book by Natalie Babbit)! He's kind of ugly in real life, but in some pictures he looks good.

So Jonathon Jackson (Jesse) is my summer crush, and secret crush, but so is Johnny Depp! I can't decide!

Who would YOU pick??

13 thoughts:

  1. Johnny Depp is, at least it seems, everyone's celebrity crush, lol. I'm never heard of either of the other dudes, but they are very cute. (: I have a small Luke Pasqualino (Freddie on Skins) obsession myself. Cute post!

  2. Kırthı ıts me Dıdem
    U TRATOR!!!!!!!!!!
    fıne have hım!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ı lıke muse anyway!!!!!!!
    ; -)))

  3. Im totally in LOVE with Johnny Depp!! He is the love of my life =D Lol .. Id definately pick JD .. but then again we all have secret crushes and although they're not perfect looking we're just attracted to them =)

  4. aww man its always a shame when they don't look as good without the makeup, he may not be my type but he looks like a cutie, cute pick :)

  5. Johnny Depp, but only because he's a great actor. I don't think he's all that good looking, but no one can deny he's versatile. XD

    -Amelia R.
    (check out my interview with ANNE OSTERLUND!)

  6. Okay, I'll be different. Orlando Bloom. Though I miss the blond hair a la Legolas. :)

  7. Lol, yeah i think every girl might have a crush on Johnny Depp! He's gorgeous! And the guy from Tuck Everlasting is as well! Hmm, a secret crush? I think i might have one but i honestly can not think of one right now! My mind has gone blank! Lol!

  8. Oh, I've loved Jonathan Jackson since third grade! He was one of my favorites along with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Brad Renfro, and the Hansons! Anyone sensing a trend? (i.e. guys with shaggy, shoulder lenghth hair?) Oh, and Johnny Depp is nice too. ^_^

  9. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, but he's just not my type when it comes to looks. LOL :D I <3 Logan Lerman and Orlando Bloom, but that's just me.

  10. Personally, I like Orlando Bloom or Jesse Williams II, but in your case, JOHNNY DEPP!!! You are head over heels for him! You shoulld stay true to your original guy. Jack Sparrow! Speaking of, MOVIE NIGHT!!! PotC2 and PotC3, right? And I'll show you camp pics! Can't wait!

  11. Oh, girl, I am with you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jonathan Jackson! He plays Lucky Spencer on the ABC soap General Hospital and I grew up watching him on that show. He left for about 10 years and they recast the role, but he came back recently and it is happy times! :-) Have you ever seen the movie "Camp Nowhere"? It's an old one but I used to watch it like every day when I was little because he is a cutie in that movie!


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