11 July 2010

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya:
This manga has taught me a LOT, being my first ever manga that I've ever read completly. The characters came alive, for real. It's as if they're alive in the real world, instead of the world of fiction and paper.
The dialouge was HILARIOUS! And the dialouge + drawings made my day. But the dialouge, some, is actually meaningful. A lesson. Quoted roughly from Gure-san:
"What Akito doesn't understand is that if there is someone who can cause the scars, then there is someone who can heal them"
Over all the volumes of Fruits Basket I came to grow, care, and love the characters as close friends.
Seeing them change and grow and move on is really emotional for me, I felt so nostaglic and sad when I read the last page. When I read the words "The End"
I like how Natsuki Takaya made every character important, made every character have a story. In ways, she reminds me of J.K. Rowling.
Now, I own 2 Ultimate Edition Fruits Basket books (2 and 3) and when I look back and real, I feel like I'm looking into the far past Things have changed so much for the characters and I noticed things that I hadn't noticed before like how Haru calls Gure-san "Sensei" and all. I'm so sad yet so happy that I've had the pleasure of enjoying the humor and drama of Fruits Basket!

So yeah. My latest obsession is Manga. I'm now reading one called VB Rose and it's so sweet! I think I dig the high school romance ones over the action ones. See, in manga, there's no intense make-out scenes like in YA Lit, but heart-warming, ROMANTIC, and touching in a happy way.Normally, sad, tragic books touch you, but in these types of manga, the romantic happy parts touch you. Seriously, the dialouge is just...uh-mazing!!! So I'm waiting for the other volumes of VB Rose to come out and I'm LIVING to read it!!!! ~Sob~ WHY!!!???

What do you think? Should I review manga too, along with YA books?

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  1. You should review Manga! I've always wanted to read Fruits Basket, along with a bunch of other manga (which i can't remember the names at the moment)


  2. Sure, why not review manga along with YA? They're books too. :)

  3. I would love to read your manga reviews. Go for it!

  4. FRUITS BASKET!! Haha, I remember when I used the read it... ahh, good middle school days. My first manga was MARS though, then furuba. And I can't bear to wait for manga series to finish, so I basically only read finished ones and oneshots. >_<

    And sure, go for the manga reviews! (:

  5. If you like it, you should review it...I know so many people who are almost addicted to it-I'm sure they'd be interested.

    BTW, I'm a new follower. I've been an adult book blogger for a yearish, but just started a young adult blog called Second Childhood Reviews. I've added you to my blog roll there-I think that teachers and parents who read my blog should see what amazing young adult bloggers are doing. Keep it up!

  6. Ehh...I personally don't care for Manga. I am going to welcome you back...Unless you are still soaking up the sun in FL?

  7. i would love to see some manga related review such cuteness! :D

  8. I like Furuba so much.... it's so sweet, >_<
    I'm waiting for Natsuki takaya's new series, "Twinkling stars", It seem to be cute too :)
    Have you read "akagami no shirayukihime", it's pretty :)
    or "Pandora Hearts" >_<


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