I'm BACK! (maybe)

01 July 2010

I'm in Florida right now and I'm enjoying it a LOT! I'm not home yet, but I will be. I just went and watched Avatar the Last Airbender in the theaters and it was not as amazing as it could've been, but the moves and the Chinese martial art (Buguazhang) was incredibly beautiful and I really wish I could bend elements like Aang. I used to watch the Nickolodean show when it came on, and from the looks of it, Avatar the Last Airbender is going to be split into several parts (seperate movies)

When I get back home, I'm going to check out some books at the library and try to learn Baguazhang, having experience in gymnastics, I might be able to learn it. Hopefully, I will! Even though I HATE dancing, I like Baguazhang and it'll be...cool. I'm interested in Zen too, and all Asian cultures. Being Hindu, some of the concepts will be easy to know.

Soooo yeah. Florida. Back on topic, there's a BUNCH of palm trees everywhere! My cousins are out right now (finally some peace and quiet) and I'm super bored and SO inspired by Airbender. ~sigh~ I wish.

You know that Jackson Rathbone, actor in the Twilight Saga, plays Sauka in The Last Airbender, hehe. I'm sort of disappointed that all characters where cocasian in the movie when they were supposed to be Asian and of different ethnicity, you know? BUT, I'm still happy!

5 thoughts:

  1. awesome! glad your having a great time, enjoy! :)

  2. Glad you're having a good time in Florida! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are having a great time! If you are back by Sunday, PLEASE call!!! And, yeah...sounds like a cool quest! I'll be intrigued to hear of your progress. And off topic- I found this awesome author! I know Grace likes her. She writes romance-ish novels with wonderful messages in them and is super talented! It's.....Sarah Dessen!

  4. Glad your having a good time in Florida although it has been kind of rainy the past couple of days ): And since it's still raining and after reading how much you enjoyed the movie I think I'll go check out The Last Airbender tomorrow. Thanks so much and have a great holiday!


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