Green Books and Green contests!!

21 July 2010

So, having a terribly awful dream last night (about climate change and the end of the world and all) I'm now inspired to start a revolution! (You inspired me, Katniss!)

Would you like it if publishing companies started printing their books with recycled paper? I would. I'm planning on writing to them and asking, but of course, that would require linking to small companies that recycle paper. I'm not good at finding those kind of things.

Also, would you like it if contests around the blogosphere asked you to, say, "Wash your laundry at the coldest time of day" or "Did you plant a seed or tree in your backyard" or "Contact your garbage company and ask for recycling bins"? I think bribing bloggers to go green with contests and giveaways are a great idea. I'm starting today with my Linger contest, to unplug 5 plugs in your house.
Because items are always drawing in energy, even if they're not being used. Like your cell phone charger or battery chargers. Even though your done using them, it still pulls and wastes energy.

So what do you think?

10 thoughts:

  1. I think that's an excellent idea to get bloggers to start thinking more "green".

  2. I think that's a wonderful idea! I would DEFINITELY approve of publishers using recycled paper, and i definitely think you, and possibly others, should write to them and ask. Also, the contest idea is a good one. I am currently thinking about which five plugs I should unplug in my house. :)

  3. I have never heard of washing your clothing at the coldest time of the day, Why?

  4. I love the idea of pointing out different ways to go green! And books on recycled paper is an interesting idea, though I'm not sure how much more (if any) recycled paper costs as opposed to regular paper. When I worked in publishing, they were always complaining about the cost of paper. Making publishing more eco-friendly would surely have a big impact!

  5. Great idea to get bloggers going green!

    Um, why would you wash your clothes at the coldest time of day? I've never heard that one before. I do know that keeping your freezer full and lowering the refrigerator temperature helps, though. :)

  6. I think this is a fantastic idea! People are always more likely to do something if they're being rewarded for it.

  7. Great idea. I always try to unplug, you just made me double check and I missed a few.

    Go Green!

  8. fantastic post!! i always need a reminder to unplug, i'm really guilty of that one. i read a book from egmont uk and they had a section about how they try to make their publishing ethical and environmentally friendly and i really appreciated that.

  9. Those are all awesome ideas! O yeah! It's keen 2B Green! (I need a magnet or something that says that....perhaps I will make one...)
    Anyways, I like the fact that you are asking bloggers to do that. Great contest questions! =)

  10. I think it's a great idea! I already do a lot to protect the environment and it would be great if this made other people care as well! :)


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