Weekly Wrap Up (8) + Cutting Back+ Survey??

19 June 2010

This week on my blog:
I reviewed Siren by Tricia Rayburn
I posted a bunch of Flair and LOTR videos (and a giveaway reminders)
I participated in the Book Blog Hop!
I reviewed Forget You

Precious participated in Angelic Friday with Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia!

Liz is headed north and needs info on several places!

Lee Bantle talking about Gay Characters and coming out!

Cate is hosting a Blogversary and 200 Followers Contest! You could win 4 books, including Brightly Woven!

I posted about my obsession with Irish music!
Cutting Back!

Today my mom explained to me about financial stuff and all, half of which I had no clue about, but I got the main message "We need to spend less and pay off our mortgage bill" I think a mortgage bill is like, paying off a loan? Yeah, well we need to pay of a loan.
So how does this affect you??

I'm going to be a help to my parents, and I'm going to cut down on shipping by not shipping. Which means less giveaways and contests, unless you guys are willing to ship!

To hear your opinions on this (DRAMATIC not really) change, could you fill out the from below? If you can't read the one below (if it's cut off) fill it out HERE

8 thoughts:

  1. I'll fill out the form right away! :)

  2. I totally get it. Shipping can be so expensive ;)

  3. Good for you for doing your part to help the family finances.

  4. Shipping does get expensive. I filled out the form and submitted it! :)

  5. Always around if you need donations of stuff for your giveaways :) You know I don't mind shipping in the US

  6. I filled out the form...

    Don't worry about the shipping, I am sure if people really want to read the book they wont mind paying it.

  7. I've added your button to my side bar! :)

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