Weekly Wrap Up (6) plus my celebrity crush!

06 June 2010

This week on my blog:
I Casted Characters choosing a hot crew for The City of Bones, except for Magnus Bane :D
I also introduced my New Affiliate Crew with awesome blogs that you should go check out!
Going on on my Affiliates blogs:
Cleverly Inked is hosting a $60 CSN Gift Card Giveaway! Liz also announced the winners of her HUGE Birthday Phenomenon winners. I was so disappointed when I didn't win :D

Precious from Fragments of Life got a LOAD of awesome books that I am SO jealous of! Check out her IMM and feel the burn!

Brent posted about Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfeld (one of my favorite songs) and his summer vacation trip to Panama! Reading the post really made me laugh, so funny, especially the choice of swear words :D

Cate is trying to find a blog designer who can make a free custom layout for her. I'll miss her old layout! If you know anyone, comment on her post!

Wanna know who my celebrity crush is??
I love his cheekbones! Eek, and that beautiful, mischievous smile in his eyes and that stray strand of hair across his forehead and his Adam's apple and earring. Don't you love him in Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

8 thoughts:

  1. great wrap up and johnny depp meh i just don't see it never have!:P

  2. fabulous celebrity crush! And that's such a great picture of him! :-)

  3. I love him, too. I think that I wouldn't turn into a dribblebabbler if were to ever see him in person. I wouldn't be able to have one intelligent thought/ comment! Thanks for the wrap-up.

  4. Johnny Depp is brilliant in every movie he's in. :D

  5. I've never actually seen Johnny Depp act before. Heard of him of course, but never actually watched him. Guess I should huh? :P

  6. I love him too! He's a really good pirate...and mad hatter:D

  7. I really wonder if Eclipse will actually steal the show. Let's see...

    PS--I think Johnny Depp is gorgeous in that photo. Too bad everyone grows old, that is the depressing part of life. *sigh*

  8. I like how you WWU your affiliates blogs too. That is so cool! Your is so amazing! I am in awe of it!!!

    And Johnny Depp....I can see why you like him, but I don't exactly think he's my kind of guy. I like Jesse Williams (the second). He is so hot! He is my favourite in Grey's Anatomy, but I also just love how handsome and wonderful he looks. I would feel so safe in his arms! =)


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