Thank You!

23 June 2010

To Andrea:
Today I'd like to thank Andrea from Loud Words & Sounds for helping me tweak up this blog:

I asked so much of her and she was so incredibly nice to oblige to my wants. Isn't that amazing? She's having a 100 Followers Contest where she's giving away designs, so you should head over there! Andrea is AMAZING at designs!

To My Followers:

I'm so happy to know that I have wonderfully loyal followers who constantly comment and you always participate in my blog, contests & giveaways, and surveys. Really, you have no idea how proud I am!
I go on other blogs that have over 500 followers, and the comments are SCARCE! Like, 1-3 comments per post, whereas I get more than 5 per post. HEHE! I know I have to thank you all, I'm having a nice big contest tomorrow with my affiliates. You're gonna love it!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: My $40 Gift Card Giveaway ends tomorrow, so go on and enter here!

Oh yeah, I'm bound to have my review of my CSN products (I am so friggin' excited about it!) by tomorrow too, on Dreaming in the Rain. Or should I put it on Pages?.....interesting!

I wish I had Kiera Knightly's jawline, and long neck and slim body, because she is AWESOME!

7 thoughts:

  1. ok i have to say im addicted to your play-list its not my kinda music but im really enjoying it i especially like the rain its so calming i can literally fall asleep :)

  2. I love the rain too.

  3. Awwwww It was no problem! :) Aly aka Blueicegal is more demanding than you :P (But I can only say that because I've known her for so long)

  4. Keep blogging and people will keep commenting because you have something to say, which can actually be hard to find. Good writing, Ms. Kirthi.

  5. YA Book Giveaway at:

  6. Blog looks great. I love your theme! :)

  7. Yeah, you are so lucky that you have all those comments and followers! And Kiera Knightly....where did that come from? (well, I know that answer, but why this post?.....) But speaking of, we need to have another movie night! This time PotC 2 and 3!


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