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07 June 2010

Oh my gosh, HARRY POTTER TRAILER!!! Harry Potter would've come out this year if it weren't for Eclipse. You all know my opinion of Twilight, and it's not so good (curse you Twilight!) And now my opinion is even worse!

Me: Harry, I'm so sorry.
Harry: Damn it, Kirthi! Stupid Edward.
Me: I know!
Harry: My movie, my fans! Daniel is so disappointed.
Me: It's truly awful, isn't it?
Harry: Stupid Twilight.
Me: Touche.
Harry: Er...what? That doesn't make sense...
Me: I know, I just like that word.
Harry: ....
Me: So you hate Twilight?
Harry: Sure do. Especially Edward, and Jacob. My rivals! I'm still deciding on what curse I should use on them...should I transfigure them into water goblets?
Me: That's not so harsh.
Harry: You're right, but dying would be worse.
Me: Touche.
Harry: That makes sense.
Me: I know.
Harry: STUPID TWILIGHT MOVIE!!! Stealing my glory.

Okay, I usually type up conversations with myself, but having Harry here makes me seem less insane. So, here's one of the official trailers:

And the UK Book trailer for the book I want to read more than any other book:

It sounds so poetic and lovely, like what I want to make my novel be like, and the title is just perfect. Don't you think?
Help Wanted? Yup.
I was contacted my a blogger who was contacted by this guy named Daniel, who's an aspiring author, and who has also decided to make his own magazine for Teen writers and artists. I'm too busy with school and my novel I'm working on, so I won't be able to help him that much.
See, to read submissions and all, Daniel needs about 2 more readers to help read and "judge" submissions. Are you interested in being a reader for this magazine, or do you have questions? Ask Daniel: danielhay@gmail.com
And the winner of my Prophecy of Days international giveaway is Donnas! I contacted her and she replied, so congrats to her!

Note: I've got a review for Siren coming up, and reviews for Perfect Chemistry and Leaving Paradise, I just haven't gotten them typed up. I'll have them up sometime this week. I'm gonna be back on the roll!

9 thoughts:

  1. Hahahaha you're hilarious! Oh my goodness, the HP trailer is amazing!! I can't wait, I'll be at the midnight showing. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I cannot WAIT for Harry Potter! It looks so great :)

  3. Awesome! I'm curious to see how these last Harry Potter installments pan out.

  4. I love that video and the SONG that goes with it. I can't find it to buy, though. Sad. Remember, you may just win a copy of The Sky Is Everywhere from my giveaway! (Or, maybe I should just send it to you for making my amazing little buttons!)

    I do need to read it first...I'll try and knock it out this weekend.

  5. I love that dialoque thing:D Ahhhh, I can't wait for Harry Potter. The trailer is so epic!

  6. I agree with you on your thoughts of Twilight. I can't wait for Harry Potter!! Oh, and I loved that conversation.

  7. That is so cool how Daniel contacted you! To have a job reviewing literature! OMG! That is awesome! =) That is so cool!

    And I cannot wait to read those reviews!

  8. Great conversation. :)


  9. You're the first person to show me the Harry Potter trailer. Made of awesome you are (yes, I did just turn into Yoda).


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