Giveaway Reminder + Viola

05 June 2010

My Prophecy of Days + Swag Giveaway ends tonight! Enter (if you want to) if you haven't already! I didn't expect so many people to enter, it'll take a while to add up and count all the entries fairly, thanks so much everyone! :D Prophecy of Days is an amazing book, and whoever the winner is will be lucky :D You should so go out and get the book if you don't win though, really. No joke.

It's not paranormal or romance (mainly), it's historical and science-y, yet still gripping and great for young adults.________________________________________________

I've picked up my viola (I own it) for the first time since the week before school ended and it sounds so odd playing it again! My calloused fingers are red and swollen now from practicing scales and songs. I'm in the Advance 7th and 8th grade Orchestra, so I'm, based on what my teacher said, learning stuff that high schoolers are learning, which is kind of awesome.
I might video myself playing so you can judge my work :DI have this piece of flair on Facebook, I can't find out how to copy and paste my entire board of flair to show you guys, 'cause it's awesome. :D

2 thoughts:

  1. phew thanks for the reminder just entered! :D

  2. I love string instruments; I play the violin a lot. :)


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