FIFA World Cup!

13 June 2010

I only watch the big games and matches that are important like Wimbledon and FIFA, so for a few days, FIFA will be taking place in South Africa.
The full schedule is here

Yesterday, the U.S. played against England, and it was tense. I think the game ended 1-1, (I left near the end, headache) it was good, but not intense.
TODAY, however, Germany played against Australia, and that was TENSE! I was betting against Australia, 'cause I had this general info that Germany played aggressive, and I won that bet.
WOOT, because GERMANY WON 4-1!!! Woooh! They made another goal, so it would've been 5-1, but the limit is 4 points, which sucks.
Australia didn't play their best, after 2-1, they lost their game-faces, and played average. After 4-1, they pretty much gave up.
After 3-1 and 4-1, Germany's I-got-to-score need decreased, so they just passed the ball away from Australia.
Germany's goals were phenomenal, I mean, the head-goal was uh-mazing. This was by far the most intense FIFA game I've watched, Germany's team is just incredible this year!

Tomorrow it's Cameroon vs. Japan on ESPN, I'll be watching :D

So who's team are you voting for? Who's your favorite?

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  1. Germany vs. Australia was intense. :D USA vs. England wasn't as great as I thought it would be. It was interesting I guess, but not so interesting as today's match. Germany was awesome. :)I don't really have a favorite team, but I'm looking forward to watching Italy, and the other Southern American matches.

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  3. I agree that the head goal was amazing! I liked how Germany played and yeah towards the end it looked like Australia wasn't really playing anymore. I don't exactly have a favorite team but I would really like it if Mexico would win a game.

  4. I didn't see today's match, but I did watch USA v. England. It looked good for England when they scored so near the beginning, but as usual, once they score it's like they give up. I am rooting for England seeing as that's my country, but they're always a bit rubbish! lol

  5. I feel so sorry for Green. He's not going to live this down easily, and apparently they're pulling him from the next game.

    I thought Germany won 4-0 against Australia? That's what it says on CBCs official site, and I never saw Aus score a goal o.O

  6. It was 4-0 to Germany. By far they had the best game so far.

    I am a France fan, I took off Friday and watched the 1st games with my boyfriend, it was a great day even though my team drew 0-0, ugggh

    Germany usually plays Dirty, I was happy to see them cool that down.

  7. Yay! I didn't watch, but I'm REALLY German! Go Germany! :)

  8. We won 4:0 *big grin*
    I was so proud of our boys! I didn't expect them to play that good. Specially since this is the youngest team we ever had!
    I so love watching the world cup, I watch Football (and for us it's Football and not soccer) every two years, for the World Cup and the European Cup, but it's always so much fun to watch. Specially with many people!

    I truly felt sorry for England and specially Greenie, this poor boy ;(

    Although I really have to disagree about Germany always playing dirty and overall aggressive.

  9. Mrs. V, You would disagree, your a German fan, lol ;-)

  10. I really don't pay much attention to sports most of the time, but since Google has a thing saying "Follow your team!" and even the NewsHour broadcasted a discussion on it . . . I decided to watch the good ol' USA and see what we can do in the World Cup. This is the WORLD Cup, after all. :)

  11. I'm rooting for my home country of USA! I watched the England vs. USA game and holy goodness there was a lot of hawtness on the field. =P

    I heart Carlos Bocanegra!

  12. Haha, I'm not a soccer fan, though I probably should be. The only game I watched a snippet of was Nigeria vs. Mexico, which was pretty chill. Have fun! :)

  13. Hey, you have an award at my blog!!

  14. We watch them all at our house. We were so happy US won - okay tied, but against England we consider that a win!

    Germany played a fantastic game!

  15. @Marce: I'm not just a German fan, I'm German which means I will always defend my team:) Unless they would really play like shit, dirty or aggressive .

    But hey, that is they beauty of internet you meet people from all over the world. I truly love them. And specially if I can help to clarify rumors *giggles*


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