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10 May 2010

Hola my friends! I feel incredibly Spanish! I wish I were Spanish! I'm still all psyched from reading "Perfect Chemistry"and I wanted to express how much I love Hispanic/Spanish people. I'm jealous of them, so badly!

  1. Family. I love how close Spanish/Hispanic families are. From all the books I read involving them, they seem so close and loving and understanding. Three cheers to Spanish/Hispanic families!
  2. Humor, Don't you love how humorous Spanish/Hispanic people are? It's not the cold British humor (Simon from American Idol), but the warm, hilarious humor.
  3. EspaƱol! I love how fast Spanish/Hispanic people can talk, and I love it when they speak Spanish. The language of Spanish is just so awesome, so smooth and cool, and happy, you know? Whenever I think of Spanish, I think of jolly, happy, lively, vibrant families having fun. You all have no idea how jealous I am about that!
  4. Values. Friendship is, from what I know, a big thing to Spanish/Hispanic people, and I think that's one of their best qualities!
  5. Good looks. I swear, I have not seen an ugly Spanish person in my entire life, they are like, gifted with good looks!
Spanish is a required subject for 8th graders at my school, so I'll HAVE to take Spanish no matter what, but I'm happy about that! What I'm not happy about is that there are Spanish/Hispanic people in my grade (who are my friends) who speak Spanish; They'll breeze by the class with straight A's, while I'll be walking around with an English-Spanish dictionary.
Gaby, a blogger from Venezuela, recently inspired my life long desire to learn another language. I'm trying to learn Spanish now, by reading Gaby's blog. I'm guilty, however, of using Google Translate.

NOW! The magical trailer that has captivated us all!

My thoughts:
All the paper cut-outs were meticulously made, which made it even more beautiful. I love how delicate and beautiful it is, how is flows so nicely with the book. It deserves to be nominated one of the best book trailers ever. I love it, love it, love it!!! Don't you?

10 thoughts:

  1. Thanks for the admiration for spanish people. I'm hispanic, myself. And, I do follow Gaby. And, I really like the Linger Trailer, it's very creative. =)

  2. You're so nice, Kirthi! I'm hispanic, but I actually have a love for all things French.

    The Linger trailer is so cool. I could just imagine all the work it must have taken to make it.

  3. Kirthi You are amazing yourself.

    I love this trailer. ITS FLIPPIN AMAZING

  4. I'm hispanic too! And yes, I think it's just a characteristic of hispanic familes to be so...close-knit! My family always knows what's going on in my life. It can be annoying but it's mostly a blessing LOL. Would you consider reading spanish from Spain? because there's a difference between the spanish from latin america and the spanish from Spain. I personally adore the "Spanish from Spain". It's so lovely. If you want, you should totally try reading letrasyescenas(dot)com. I adore that site!

  5. Awww, Spanish isn't that hard to learn. I've been studying it for three years now... I wouldn't say that I'm fluent, but I can understand most basic conversations, and I can guess at more complex sentences.

  6. I love sayin 'hola' as well! And I don't even know spanish, lol. That trailer was incredible. I've got an award for you on my blog :)

  7. That is a really cool trailer! I love all the cut-outs. It must have been so tedious, but fun! And the author made it too! A book and a trailer like that?!? Wow!
    And I agree with the whole Spanish thing. I totally got that feeling from Perfect Chemistry. Also, the broadway show, In the Heights is like that too. I remember once listening to Isabella talk to her mom on the phone and it was so cool! I'm jealous as well. I didn't know we had that in common.....

  8. Hehe. The only spanish I know is from watching Dora The Explora.

  9. Hello Kirthi!

    First, thanks for linking me :D

    How is the Spanish learning going on? I hope its going well! :D I'm sure you will learn really fast!!

    You are right about close families. We are close, and sometimes its so annoying!! But mostly its nice to have people around you!

    By the way, I read in one comment about the differences between Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin American. Pirate Penguin is right, we use a different pronunciation, but the words are the same.

    Can you believe I haven't read Perfect Chemistry? XD

    OHhhhh, the trailer, its beautiful! I'm not the biggest shiver's fan, but the trailer is fantastic!

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