Out in the rain!

29 May 2010

On the current novel I'm writing, I'm working on a chapter that's all about rain. So for two days, it's been raining, as a gift, like the sky and the earth want me to write. Isn't it fantastic?

This is my first video upload too! My feet look really dark in the video because my umbrella was over me. My umbrella was green!

This video is the story of the path water takes. It starts from a pool of grass and water on one end of the end of my backyard driveway, and it ends on the other end. The other end reminds me of a miniature lake, I could film a movie there or something.

6 thoughts:

  1. What a cool little video. Very zen. I loved the way you almost stomped your feet at times and walked very lightly in other spots. This must help the writing process.

  2. The sounds of nature after a good storm sounds very calming:D

  3. Storms wash the sky clean of its tears. I love the fresh, new start feel to the world after a storm.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I was 13 when I started writing. Keep at it. You have determination, flair, and talent. Mark Twain did wonders with those three traits.


  4. Hi! I have an award waiting for you at http://sweethappyending.blogspot.com
    Have a nice day 8D

  5. Soooo cool Kirthi. I love it.


  6. Cool video! See you in...3 days!!!


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