Last Day of School

21 May 2010

What was really surprising was the the guys seemed to show true emotion. As I sat looking out the window on the bus, there were the three troublemaker boys of my class. They stood awkwardly next to each other, laughing and smiling genuinely for the first time. And then one of them gave another a one-armed man-hug and waved goodbye.
A girl hugged her boyfriend for a long time, their fingers digging in each o
thers backs. She kept her face straight, with a small, grim smile on her face. Her boyfriend smiled back and then sauntered away. As soon as she got on the bus, tears began to roll off her eyes and she couldn't stop crying.
All over the bus and car and walker spots across the front of Simpson Middle School were students giving each other long hugs, and unnecessarily crying out "I Miss You!".
It was so much harder on the 8th graders, who were moving on to separate high school. They lingered outside as long as they could, saying goodbye and shedding endless tears.
The teachers, all of them, not just the ones on bus duty, were waiting outside, saying farewell to their students too.

And then they departed. One by one the buses filed out the parking lot. The teachers lined up against the school, waving to each bus. Cars drove away with sad children in them, and people walked home together on that last day.

All the while I sat in my lonely seat on the bus, feeling heartless. I don't think I'll miss them, my classmates. It didn't really feel like the last day of school. I know that my friends are going to be gone for 2 months, but really we were all going to come back.

On the way home, I listened to Storms in Africa Part 2, and the lyrics began to have a double meaning. I said goodbye to my life in 7th grade, to my classes, to my friends, to my daily routine, to my teachers.

One teacher, Mr. Fuller, really touched me this year. His parents and brother all died of cancer, and his wife died too. He lives all alone with his dog, and to him, his students are his children, since he has none. All year long, he loved us, and forgave us, and never punished us. But the teens in our grade didn't repay the awesome favor, instead they yelled and shouted in class, wouldn't listen to Mr. Fuller. The argued back and were horribly disrespectful. I wrote him a card the day before, a card telling him that he was great.
I remember on the first day of school, my friend and I laughed at his southern accent, but now I realize that it hardly seemed recognizable. He resembles a gray-haired, jolly, bunny rabbit, a big stuffed bunny rabbit with a large heart.
He gave an end-of-the-year speech. It was sappy and lovey-dovey, but my friend Didem and I loved it so much. We were crying in the audience. He said quote "I learned that no matter how much you love a person, they may not love you back the way you love them". Seriously, that moment I felt horrible, like a cruel mean person.

And now I'm writing a story. A story of a girl finding herself and finding love after pain, and I'm dedicating that story to this wonderful teacher, Mr. Fuller.

So this year was amazing. My only 7th grade year with the best people, the best teacher, and the best staff. Thanks so much!!

Oh yeah, and I looked forward to blogging every day after school, meeting and talking with all my online friends. You guys are amazing too!

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  1. You are an amazing writer Kirthi. I loved readin this. Oh and congrats on moving on to 8th grade.

  2. Great post! You are a talented writer. I used to get a little sad at the end of the school year because I never saw my friends over the summer-of course that changed in high school but in middle school summer vacation meant not seeing my friends for two months.

    The part about your teacher was really moving. It is too bad that your classmates were disrespectful to him.

    I hope you enjoy your summer! It always seems to go by too quickly.

  3. Lovely post! Hope you have a great summer!

  4. Great post, you sound so much older than you are!

    I wasn't sad when I left middle school. I was a little sad when I left high school, but I was excited because I finally graduated :)

  5. This is so beautiful and poignant! Have a wonderful, wonderful summer!

  6. This is so beautiful and poignant! Have a wonderful, wonderful summer!

  7. You are so sweet, and a great writer too. Have a fantastic summer Kirthi!

  8. Congrats, you're off for the summer! I still have a few weeks of school left and then exams, but I'm so close. Enjoy yourself and relax!

  9. It was so sweet of you to write that letter. I bet he will cherish it. I still have 2 more weeks of elementary school and then it is on to middle school for me.

    I hope I have teachers as wonderful as the ones you have had.

    This Summer is going to be fun on our blogs, huh?


  10. You're an amazing writer! I'm in the 7th grade too, but my birthday's in the summer so, I'm not 13 yet:) Aww, you're so lucky! Summer doesn't start for me until July...

  11. Whoa, I had no idea you were in 7th grade! you seemed so much older. And you have wonderful music choice. Wild Child by Enya is playing right now, and I can't tell you how much I love Enya! We should swap playlists.

  12. Incredible story. :)

    I can't believe you're out of school already! I don't get out for another two weeks (June 10th) and I've STILL got exams to go through.

    I'm a huge Enya fan. I have all her CDs. :) I love Celtic Woman, too, how bout you?

    Can't wait for summer myself. Finally sleeping innn!

    :) I love my teachers. One of my teachers, Mr. Daniel, is freaking awesome. Jokes and does crazy stuff. For instance, when he answers the phone, he goes, "Mr. Daniel's House of Pain...AHHHH!" He calls the toughest guy in class "Biscuit". :P And he gives us all the material we need and the students STILL disrespect him by getting crappy, crappy grades. *sigh* So I completely understand where you're coming from.

    Have a great Summer. :)


  13. Aww I'm glad you had a great year! I hope you have an amazing summer. Oh and I'm visiting from the blog hop. Your blog really is awesome, I'm happy I found it. Thanks for visiting mine too :D

  14. I was voted 'most unique' back in my 7th grade, as a yearbook title. I took it as a compliment, but I'm sure it was a euphemism for 'weird'. That year was such a year.

    Congrats on finishing up the year. You've been amazing.

    And I'm glad you appreciate your teachers. We owe them so much.

  15. Kirthi, I completely understand how you feel on not missing them because you get to come back 2 months and have classes and re-create so many more memories with your friends! so its ok not to miss them, but for 8th graders its so much harder because we are being spilt and especially since i'm leaving everyone when i go to magnet school :( and i really want to come back and do science olympiad but i don't think i will! im so sorry and i am going to miss you and all the 7th/6th graders i met so much!!

  16. Oh I know exactly how you feel. Choosing between friends and magnet is so hard. but even though leaving all of your friends is the hardest thing you may ever have to do, i really think you should look into going to a magnet school. BTW, I think you should look into Campbell too, even though it is farther away i think you would enjoy the experience more.

    Since you seem so interested in the ways of the world and you are such an amazing writer, I some how don't feel as if Wheeler would fit your personality. But I'm not sure...what do you want to do or achieve when you grow up? The education you get in high school will impact you for the rest of your life. And remember if you go to a different high school than all of your friends you are not saying good-bye to all your friends you are just promising them that you will keep in touch no matter what happens.

    Just some advice from someone who has gone through it already :)...It's not easy, but the experience you receive from it will be worth it.

  17. Haha...thank you and I'm happy to give you advice. :) and I definitely know how it feels to be pressured into going to a for the longest time ever my parents kept pushing and pushing me to go to Wheeler but I keep Campbell open as an option because one of my best friends told me too. and i really have to thank her for that. So, even though your parents are really wanting you to go to Wheeler and become a doctor (its the same thing with my parents) apply to Campbell too, and if you get accepted really think about going there and just know that your parents will most likely back you up in your decision even if you don't go to Wheeler, whatever you do, go to the school you really want to because your not going to learn anything if you can't enjoy learning it :)

    BTW, it is so sad and touching about Mr. Fuller, I'm glad you gave him that letter, he will appriciate it. Lastly, your blog is amazing and you have come so far with it! I am really glad for you! :)

  18. Ahh, yes sadly indians are obsessed with being doctors and such. In fact, for the longest time I wanted to be a doctor and I still do, but not as much. I really want to something like a linguistic professor, because i love language and teaching, and if i ever did become a doctor i wouldn't want to be in an office giving shots to children or writing presciptions for headaches that are going to go away anyway. I would so much rather be out in world (i love traveling) and helping people that are in desperate need for medical attention. I would feel so much more useful plus thats using 3 of my favorite things in one (languages, traveling, and helping people).

    Anyways, angrily sipping their tea (i already have a mental picture), how funny XD haha and I'm glad your parents like the idea of you going to Campbell :) See I still haven't told my parents I don't exactly want to be a doctor anymore because I know they are just going to tell me I'm going to be a doctor, so I don't know what to do about that, can't change the way your parents think, can only do what you want to.

    And its ok to vent on me :) I like listening to peoples problems and trying to help out, and a last piece of advice, tell your parents that "no matter what you become you will go out and get a good education and be successful in whatever you do." because they only want you to succeed and they think being a doctor over a writer you have a better change of succeeding (which technically you do) but I know that whatever you do you will be great at it. So tell them that and they will most likely agree with you .

    Parents like being right, but you can show them what you want and beat them with logic. :D

  19. wow. really touching kirthi. im really glad mr fuller grew on you this year, i know he wasnt egzactly your favorite at first. SIMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL RULES!!!!!!


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