Blogger Interview: A Fanatics Book Blog

03 May 2010

Name: Jessica
Age: 25
A Fantatics Book Blog
Been blogging for: 8 years (started her book blog a little over a week ago)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

About me hmmm? Well I'm a crazy person when it comes to hobbies! I play video games, read like a madwoman, crochet and sell on Etsy, bake, cook and work with kids. My favorite color is red. Pizza is my downfall. I am obsessed with sweets. Oh and I live with my boyfriend of 8 years!

2. What was your inspiration for blogging?

Back when I first started blogging, it was just a way to vent. I keep regular hand written journals, but blogging felt so much more natural and easy since I was on the computer a lot. When I decided to start my handmade blog, I wanted to do it to promote Indie items because I love them so much! Now it's the same with my book blog. I love books, I devour books, why not blog about how much I love them?

3. How did you choose your blog title?

After sitting around and thinking for a while, I thought hmmm....what's another word for obsessed? Stalker, too creepy. Fanatic! Hey, A Fanatics Book Blog! And thus my blog title was born. I like it, although I fear it might make me sound a bit crazy. (Which would totally be valid.)

4. What’s your opinion about other bloggers in the blogosphere?

I LOVE the book blog community. The first blog I ever followed was Taschima at the Bloody Bookaholic. After that I branched out and just fell more and more in love with each blog I came across. It is great to see people able to express their passions and share them with others. Bloggers are so honest, and so giving, I feel privileged to be part of that community!

5. What your least favorite thing about blogging?

Coming up with things to blog about. Don't get me wrong, I adore memes. However I want to make sure that people don't get bored of coming to my blog. So I try new things, like the Tech Talk feature I posted the last two weeks, to break up the monotony.

6. Your most favorite thing about blogging?

COMMENTS! Can't we all say that? Commenting on other people's writing, getting comments on mine, it's all about the interaction. When I get a comment I usually try to go back and visit that person or respond to them. I want them to know that I truly appreciate their opinion!

RANDOM (not so much)

1. Do you listen to music while you read? If you do, what do you listen to?

I can't. Sadly I haven't learned how to multi-task like that yet. If I did though, it would probably have to be classical. Words in songs make me forget what I'm reading on the page.

2. What’s your special talent?

I play a mean air guitar.

3. Do you recycle?

Yup! Those big purple bins outside are apartment are my friends. Also old clothes in my house get turned into purses, pillows and such. Nothing goes to waste here!

4. Your favorite genre of books? (you can include several :D)

I am enamored with Fantasy and Science Fiction books! Opening a book and getting lost in the pages, finding myself in a whole other world, that is what I love about reading. I just recently really started to get into Paranormal Fiction as well! I'm into RPGs in the video gaming world, so it kind of follows suit I suppose.

5. Do you love your computer?

Ah yes, I even named her. My computer is a cherry red Dell and her name is Annie. Yup. Annie and I go everywhere together and surprisingly she looks pretty good for her age! She'll be 3 years old this June.

6. Your favorite holiday?

Christmas. Always has been, always will be. There's something about all the lights, the music, and the perpetual cheer during that whole month that makes me feel all happy inside. Oh, and there's candy canes. I love candy canes.

Thanks for taking the time to interview me Kirthi! I really really appreciate it!

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  1. What a great interview! I'm going to have to check out this blog.

  2. Fun interview! I love how you have a name for your computer, that's really cute. :D

  3. Great interview....i'm going to visit her blog :)

  4. Thanks again for the interview Kirthi :). You're the best!

  5. Great interview! I named my lap top too:)

  6. Fantastic interview! You have the cutest blog, I love it! I found you over at Beth Revis whose equally as fantastic! I look forward to following you!

  7. I'm going to have to check out her blog sometime soon! Can't wait to see the next blogger.



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