Amazon Kindle Commercials

12 May 2010

These Amazon Kindle Commercials strike this sort of, nostaglic, simple and sweet pitch for readers around the world.
As much as I love their commercials, I prefer paper to electronics. It's a lose lose situation for both on my part, saving trees or saving energy? The tree is my symbol, but energy is important too...hmm.

Anyways! The music in these commercials too! The first one won my heart, the second one is still holding my heart captive. How cheesy do I sound now?

The original:

The 2nd:

Don't you LOVE it???

P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting reviews, I'll be posting soon (currently I'm working on a review for Perfect Chemistry)

7 thoughts:

  1. Wow, I love the animation in these simple but delightful commercials. The music is so perfect!

  2. I love the commercials! They are really great and display the imagination taking flight...and robbing banks, and doing science experiments, and falling through the clouds, and beinga magician, and .....
    my favourite is the first, but they are both good. I sepecially love the music in the first!

    And I love Perfect Chemistry and Simone Elkeles

  3. The Kindles themselves aren't bad. I got myself one last year-- the e-ink's gentle on the eyes.

  4. I love these commercials esp. the second one. They are really cute and original. And the Kindles are kinda fun. I got one when the Kindle 2 released and it has come in pretty handy.

  5. They are very cute!!

    I wish I had a Kindle, or any e-book reader! :D

  6. They are funny!


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