Save the Environment!

21 April 2010


…meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.

Today, at school, there was a Campus Clean-up at my middle school in which my friend, Roma, and I teamed up to clean the nature trail (which is beyond gorgeous) and the land around our school (we walked all the way around) Together we filled a large, orange trash bag up half-way. Go us! We were rewarded with pizza and lemonade, and after that the both of us, along with everyone else who showed up, shoveled gravel onto the places on our campus that needed it. For THAT we were rewarded with truck rides around the school, thanks to an awesome 6th grade math teacher.

Enough about me though, to the environment! This is copied from a slide that a public environmentalist speaker presented to the school.

10 Things A Kid Can Do To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Change A Light bulb If every kid in the US changed 1 light bulb from an incandescent to a CFL it would be like taking 14 million cars off the road
Unplug/Turn It Off Up to 10% of the energy in our homes is phantom energy from items plug in that aren’t being used
Get a Re-Usable Bottle Americans buy more than 25 billion bottles of water a year. 2.5 million bottles are thrown away per hour
Paper or Plastic? Neither! Take reusable bags to the store. 100 billion plastic bags are thrown out every year
Don’t Waste Water Take short showers and turn off the running water while brushing your teeth or soaping your hands

Recycle A ton of recycled paper saves 4 barrels of oil, 4200 kw hrs of energy and enough oil to heat a home for 6 mos
Have A No Idle Policy Atlanta is #1 in pediatric asthma. If a car sits more than 30 seconds it should be turned off
Volunteer – Find a recycling event, neighborhood cleanup, rivers alive, soles 4 souls, or adopt a mile
Write A Letter – Write to your Senator, Legislator and Governor supporting carbon reduction and asking for their climate reduction plan. Visit your local website, there is sure to be an e-mail address
Talk About Climate Change Learn about the issues in the environment and how you can help
THINK – Think about what YOU use and where it goes when YOU’RE done!
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch off the coast of the Pacific Ocean (there's a guy in a boat)

5 thoughts:

  1. Nice post! My work is sponsoring an "old electronics drop-off site" and I am volunteering to help with that for two hours tomorrow. Last year we collected over 16 tons!

  2. Kirthi

    You have some great ideas there. I am going to try to greener! It is green week at school too. Today we dressed in green, tomorrow is litterless lunch, and Friday is walk to school day. FUN!


  3. What a great list of ideas. And, good for you and your school for volunteering your time and energies to clean up and help out!

  4. I love volunteering and congrats on all your hard work today it pays off emotionally for you and physically for the enviroment what a awesome feeling! And Although that picture mortifies me I do love your list and was happy I could check off more than half of it I already do. Yay! I love that your posting tips and such for being green I think it's great to be reminded that how we treat the earth now will be reflected in our own lives in the not so distant future.

  5. Great post!! The campus clean up sounds fun and GREAT for the environment!! Wow, 2.5 million water bottles an hour?? That really puts it in perspective.


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