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09 April 2010

I'm so glad that you guys like my News Around the Blogosphere posts (according to the poll) but some of you don't (boo-hoo) but still, why not?

Book Blogger Hop started by Crazy For Books , the Book Blogger Hop is a real huge hit! I mean, 131 blogs participating so far, incredible or what? I think it's an amazing idea, and I love it!Cover Craze
The new paperback covers for The Prophecy of Sisters and Guardian of the Gate. I prefer the hardback covers.

The New Linger cover (U.K) Which do you like?

Question: Do you judge books by their covers? I do, but not in the other sense like judging skin color or judging personalities, I mean I literally pick a book because of it's cover. To me, even if it's a really good book, the cover will always make it seem..bad. You know?

Contest Updates: As of now, I have 191 followers, which is really close to 200 (9 more) so that means that I'll add another prize to my Follower Appreciation Celebration. Woot!

Also, thanks to Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century for hosting my Ballad giveaway, it ends 4/16 so you should enter (here)

9 thoughts:

  1. Cool! I prefer the black and white cover of Linger. The colours are such opposites and it really draws my attention! Which proves that yes, I do judge a book by its cover. Honestly, who doesn't?

  2. Acually I really like the black cover of linger. It's bold. The green one, to me, is a little boring. But....they are both AMAZING! I just love the simple designs

  3. i do judge a book by the cover! and i am waiting for my cover to be decided now for my first novel (out feb 2011 from touchstone/simon and schuster). author's have no say! it is really scary! i found you at the hop and am now following your lovely blog!

  4. I am totally a book cover judger! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Ooh, love the black and white Linger cover!! I'm actually a fan of the paperback covers...they look really intense.

    Also, although I hate to admit it, when I'm at the bookstore, I usually pick up books based on how the cover catches my eye. I need to work on that. :/

  6. Covers are meant to attract readers, so I think it is fair to say books are definitely judged by their covers. And I actually like the green (US) version of Linger. It draws me in better than the black and white against the red. That color scheme has been common recently. And I LOVE your new layout, Kirthi!

  7. Yah I judge books by it's cover. It's how I find things in a store. But sometimes I judge by bio, and first chapters.

    I like the green Linger cover. Probably because I'm more use to it.

    The new cover for Prophecy of the Sisters is hauntingly beautiful, more so then the first in my opinion.

  8. I try not to judge by cover, but if there's, like, a skeleton/creepy thing on the front, I'm less likely to pick it up.

  9. Yeah, I pick books because of it's cover. Its not always, but If one cover its really beautiful I want to read it.

    I like the shiver black one, but is that blood?

    I haven't read The Prophecy of the Sisters because I didn't think it was my kind of book. The hardback cover didn't catch my eye. Then I saw the paperback and I prefer them...actually, now I want to read them.


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