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12 April 2010

Today in my mailbox, I recieved:
Won from Lori from Pure Imagination

Sea Change by Aimee Friedman
16-year-old Miranda Merchant is great at science...and not so great with boys. After major drama with her boyfriend and (now ex) best friend, she's happy to spend the summer on small, mysterious Selkie Island, helping her mother sort out her late grandmother's estate.

There, Miranda finds new friends and an island with a mysterious, mystical history, presenting her with facts her logical, scientific mind can't make sense of. She also meets Leo, who challenges everything she thought she knew about boys, friendship...and reality.

Is Leo hiding something? Or is he something that she never could have imagined?


The Very Best of Enya CD/DVD version including a mini book with enya's career as a singer and amazing photographs of enya, like a time-line.

For Review
As Easy as Falling off the face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins

As Conspiracy of Kings by Meghan Whalen Turner
Now Harper Collins has been sending me these many books like
  • A Nest for Celeste for younger audiences
  • this baseball book for younger audiences
  • Crispin: The End of Time (ARC)
  • As Easy as Falling of the face of the Earth (ARC)
  • A Consipracy of Kings (ARC)
I do not want these books! I faxed Harper Collins to stop with the younger audience books and to contact me before sending me other books, but they didn't contact me for the last two books I received when I told them to. What now?

8 thoughts:

  1. Aah! You got the Conspiracy of Kings?! I'm SO jealous. :D

  2. As Easy As Falling Off the Earth looks really good. Let us know!

  3. I think the Sea Change book looks really neat! You have to let me know how it is!
    OMG!!! You have exactly 200 followers!!!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!

  4. It is possible that whoever ships review copies from Harper Collins selects books for youth without differentiating between MG, YA, etc. When I received boxes of ARCs at my library, they were usually YA books but I also got a mixture of younger books as well.

    Unless you have a representative that you deal with directly, then they may not even be receiving your messages or be able to do anything about it (I'm guessing). Publishing houses tend to be busy places with a lot going on (I have a friend in the business so I've heard how crazy it gets). What you could do is pass the ARCs on (perhaps trade ARCs) with other bloggers who like to review books for younger readers. That's my suggestion anyway.

  5. Oh, and Sea Change looks really good. I've got that on my TBR list. I look forward to your review. Hope you enjoy the Enya collection. I have one of her older collections. Love her music. Hope she releases a new album soon.

  6. As Easy As Falling Off the Earth looks awesome! I'm not sure what to do about the younger books. Sorry.

  7. I think you can send it to another blogger for review....

    By the way, I love Enya!!

  8. You're soooo lucky you got A Conspiracy of Kings... I've been dying to read that. I'll take it if you don't want it. :P

    As for your question, do you just have contacts in HarperCollins? (Because I know they stopped their First Look program a while ago.) If so, maybe sending an email or calling them might work better then a fax...


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