Green Week + Giveaway CLOSED

20 April 2010

Happy 40th Earth Day! (week!)
I hope you all are recycling, picking up trash and litter, and are turning off your electricity! Everyday this week I'll be posting fun "green" posts to promote Earth Week!

40 tips for 40th Earth Day for some cool tips
Earth 911
Complete List of Environmental Organizations!

If you want to promote Green Week on your blog, please link below to your blog or blog post (about Green Week):


Win a choice of A Blue so Dark by Holly Schindler or an ARC of Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson. This giveaway is to raise awareness to climate change and the environment, I just picked these books because they're good and enjoyable!

Must live in U.S/Canada (note: if you're international and have a friend in the U.S. or Canada who's willing to send it to you, then feel free to enter!)
Must be a follower
Ends 5/5/10
Must fill out THIS FORM (can only fill out one)

15 thoughts:

  1. WHat a great Idea Kirthi!
    Wow you are rocking the blogging world

    Glad I stopped by

  2. Hey sweetie, this is AWESOME - I tried to enter but the form goes to the photo of Claire de Lune :D

  3. Oh, I had the same 'trouble' of Jenn. If it's international, I will be definitely enterting for this when the link's fixed up! :-)

  4. Awesome idea! Go earth week!
    I also had the same trouble with the form, unfortunately. But, like she said, if it's international, I'll defo be entering when it's back up!

  5. Like the others, I tried to fill out the form and it wasn't working. I posted on one blog and plan to write another! Thanks.

  6. Yay! I love earth week! Isn't earth day the 22nd?

  7. Are you going to get Avatar when it comes out tomorrow? :) (And yay for Earth day!!!)

  8. Whoa! This is a fantastic contest!

    Yay for Earth Day!

  9. It's so awesome that you're doing this. I looked through the 40 tips for 40th Earth Day and there's many things that could easily be done to help the environment.
    Thank you for the added bonus of winning a book! Hopefully, it raises awareness to others to do more.

  10. Awesome giveaway!!! Go green!!! =)
    Save the environment!!!

  11. Great giveaway!!

    Its ok if I dont live in U.S but have a P.O.Box?


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