Green Week (4) Karma?

24 April 2010

The photo above was taken by Mrs. Deraps, thanks!

Today, I'm sharing with you an interesting theory about Karma. Is the Earth getting back at us for years of destruction? I mean, look at what's happened recently, most happening this year!

  • Oil Rig explosion
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • Chile Earthquake
  • Violent storms in Europe
  • Flash Floods in Rio (April)
  • Floods in Bangladesh
  • Floods in Angola (April)
  • Antarctic Ice Shelf collapses
  • Volcanic Eruption in Europe
  • Tornado in Western Mississippi
  • Storms in Marietta, GA (where I live!)
Climate Change:
Earthquakes caused by Global Warming (re-named to Climate Change)
Haiti Earthquake caused by Global Warming
Antarctic Ice Shelf Split

With more CO2 in the atmosphere, more heat gets trapped in, and I know you're saying that it's cold in North America and Europe. Why?

Rising sea temperatures (from fresh water ice-caps and glaciers) causes a disturbance in the Gulf Stream effect, which brings warm air to North America. The warm air patterns shift, removing that warm air, which causes the climate to be cold, and that causes unusual weather. Europe is experiencing bad weather too, not just North America.

I'm truly scared about what will happen in our future. Every day I wake up and say "Electricity won't be here in the future, I should stock up on candles and matches" and "My I-pod won't be able to re-charge, I'll need to get a CD player and lots and lots of batteries" and last night, while violent thunder/lightning storms raged on keeping me awake, I thought "I don't want to die, please don't be happening, this is not the end of the world. Crap, I'm jinxing myself! I will live, I will live".
I know I sound too dramatic, but the apocalypse is so real to me, it's a real fear that I'm afraid of every day now because of climate change. The weather scares me so much, the weirder it is, the more scared I become. That's why I'm such a big environmentalist, I want to save this Earth so it'll be there tomorrow, to save all those lives in the future, because if I don't, the world is at stake.

Pretty please (with whats-your-favorite-food-on-top) help me save the environment?
Big Question: Do YOU believe in Climate Change?

"It's not about believing, it's about doing."

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3 thoughts:

  1. Kirthi I wouldn't let the weather bother you as much. The world needs a change maybe it needs a good wake up call for people to finally get it.

  2. Great Post!

    I really don't understand people who says they don't believe in climate change. I mean, its happening right now!!

    In my country (Venezuela) we have 6 months of rain, and 6 months of NOTHING. But last year it didn't rain, and now we are having HUGE troubles with water and electricity. And of course, animals (and us) don't have anything to eat because everything is dry.

    And that just us. The whole world is suffering.

    By the way, it that Georgia?? You live in there? I hope everything is getting better now. Oh, and I lived 3 months in Savannah...!! (its beautiful)


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