Green Week (3)

21 April 2010

The video above is made possible by Greenpeace!

Happy Official Earth Day, but as they say, "Earth Day is everyday"! I'll recieved many amazing and warming stories from entrants of my Green Week Giveaway, and I thought I'd share it with you on this important, worldwide should-be holiday!

What are some ways you plan to save the Earth?

Jennifer from Book Crazy:

In the past year we have planted 6 new tree's-it's so fun watching them grow, just this year we planted a peach tree and my son is DIEING for it to produce fruit, though not sure it will this year, it's a baby, so hopefully soon.
We also recycle books- LOL I know right, book blog--but I donate to lots of places. We are also a member of place-I post my OFFERS often, and am so thrilled to get rid of stuff that we don't use anymore- just yesterday I posted a bag of my daughter's older clothes that she can fit into.

I've been recycling since I was little. At first, it was to make a couple of bucks, but now I also do more by unplugging electronics, always turning off the lights when I'm not in a room, my friends and I take weekly turns carpooling. I've also gotten some friends and family into recycling and making sure they don't waste so much water and energy. Last year over the summer, I volunteered in planting trees and flowers in my local park and some areas downtown. Plus, I'm also a vegetarian.

Mrs. DeRaps
I plan to spread the word with my students. My seniors have already blogged about this in relation to their reading of Into the Wild. I also have a garden, a compost pile, and generally care about my environment. I live in one of the most wooded states (Maine) and spend a ton of time enjoying my surroundings. I would hate to see an increase in pollution in my beautiful state.

Other Things you Can do
E-mail your mayor or write a letter. I sent an e-mail to the Mayor of Marietta (Steve Tumlin) to join the Mayors Climate Protection Center!

Make your blog "green"! Click here
Thank you Tynga's Reviews for showing me this! My blog is now carbon neutral (see sidebar)

Be sure you enter my Green Week Giveaway 5/5 to submit your own story!

3 thoughts:

  1. Jennifer--We have a peach tree at our house and it's wonderful! our is a dwarf tree, and only produces fruit every other year BUT this is a fruit year! I get hundreds and hundreds of peaches. Yum! Good luck with your tree!

  2. Hmm.. I am inspired. Maybe a banana tree would work here. Oranges are to common. I love FL

  3. You're welcome! Glad you joined =D


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