27 April 2010

This post is inspired by Kristi at The Story Siren

How it all started:
When I first began to blog about books, I thought I was the only book blog out there, hence the URL "", I never knew there was an entire network of book bloggers.
I wanted to blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on books, and blogging seemed like a great way to keep track of what I read.
For many months, I had 8 followers, my friends who so kindly followed me, and I felt discouraged that no one was reading, but I kept on blogging, loving the feel of my words on the web. Then Priya from Book Crumbs started following, and I was inspired to help other blogs with comments and following, from Priya's blog, I branched out and discovered the "Book Blog World"
I went crazy after that, obsessed with blogging. What's there not to love about blogging?
Why I love blogging:

Blogging was a great way to connect to the wonderful people around the world who share the same interest: Books! I met great people who I now e-mail and talk to frequently, a close 'new friend' of mine is Milli from Everything Crazy.
People are so supportive, comments left behind are really appreciated and I love reading them. It does:
  • Give me a sense that someone is actually reading what I write
  • Give me other people's opinion on the topic
  • Give me a warm fuzzy feeling (on some comments)
Blogging also gets the information flowing around. Before blogging, I searched the internet trying to find YA books and Middle Grade books (because I was still an elementary kid) and it was tough. I only read books in my library because the only bookstore nearby where I live is FAR away!
Then, ta-da! Book blogging showed me thousands of great books and told me whether I should read them or not, and the more blogs I followed, the more choices I got to choose from.

What I look for in a blog:
  • An original, snazzy layout
  • Great posts. Can be humorous (always appreciated) happy or sad, anything!
  • Unique and different, something that no other blog has
  • A good topic, not something boring and dreadful-to-read
I'm influential!
I was sort of shy to tell my friends that I blogged, I was already nerdy (still am) then, so why mention it? So when I let it slip to a few close friends:

"You have a blog?" Friend 1 said, surprised clear in her voice
I blushed, "'s about books..." I said nervously.
"That's cool!" Friend 1 replied.
End of Conversation

As I talked more about blogging, more of my friends got interested, and THIS happened"

Sincerely From, Rose Cunningham

Best Manga's and Their Reviews
A friend named Catherine is currently working on her blog, when I let her borrow my ARC of Linger, she was so interested.
In fact, when word got out that I reviewed ARC's, more people wanted to know about them and how THEY could get a copy, and it was kind of hard to explain that in order to get an ARC, you can't just start a blog and ask for an ARC! You have to have good blog stats, commenters, and publicity!
The Road:
The start from 8 followers to now 224 has been a great journey, and I hope to keep on blogging! My readers/followers are the amazing people who made this happen, and I love you all so much for it, and you guys, and books, are the reason why I love to blog!

10 thoughts:

  1. Wow, it was really fun to read about your blogging adventure(can I call it that?):)

  2. Great post, Kirthi! I agree with all of your points, and it's been awesome to be able to support you right from the beginning!

  3. Hey Kirthi,

    It's fun to hear all about how you started. I went back and read some of your first blog posts. You were closer to my age back then.

    You are doing a great job on your blog. You have a lot of different kinds of posts and keep it updated.

    I like the scrolling blogs on the left side and your background colors too. It's pretty!


  4. This is an awesome story. And you are such a great blogger! Think how cool it will be to look back on your blogs when you're older. You'll have this whole record of your thoughts and conversations. If only the internet had been invented when I was your age!

  5. Beautifully wonderful post! And, as she said, a great story! I at first was also shy to tell my friends I blogged.
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing! This was so much fun!

  6. Your story is quite inspirational. :) And I'm glad you blog.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I am happy that you blog!! First, I won a book thanks to you, hehe. And your blog is so great, I love your honest reviews, and when I read you is like I'm hearing you.

    I have been blogging since I was like 15 years old, but it was always a personal blog. Last year I realized that most of my posts were about I decided to open a blog just for books :)

  9. Neat! I wish I could get my friends into book blogging. Heck, I wish I could talk to my friends about the books I read. Our interests tend to be very different though. Which is why *I* love book blogging! Finally, a community where I can speak my mind about a subject/book and people won't cock an eyebrow and look at me like I'm strange.

    - Jackie


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