Weekly Wrap Up (3)

21 March 2010

What an awesome week! I hope you guys are feeling well (it's Spring)!

This week on my blog it was Author Appreciation Week! Here's what happened:
Day 1: Maria V. Snyder and Laura Resau
Day 2: Beverly Cleary and Barbara Park
Day 3 and 4: Jenny Nimmo and Lemony Snicket
Day 5: J.K. Rowling
Day 6 and 7: Debut and multi-book authors!

What a week! I didn't do an IMM, but I'll tell you I received 2 books Wherever Nina Lies and Persepolis.

Now, on Cate's blog, Sparrow Review:

On Monday, she reviewed the (Johnny Depp!) movie Alice in Wonderland! View here!
On Tuesday, she reviewed After by Amy Efaw! View here!
On Wednesday, she got some exciting news! Sparrow Review was going to be featured in a book called Read, Remember, Recommended for Teens! View here!

On Friday, Cate interviewed Nicole "Under the Lamplight" from WORD for Teens! View here!

5 thoughts:

  1. Is there any news website which will deliver a weekly world news wrap-up via email?
    I travel a lot, so daily news emails from the BBC or NYT stack up. Is there any website which will deliver a weekly world news wrap-up?

    * 4 months ago

  2. What an awesome week! I can't wait to see the Alice in Wonderland movie! (Arggg, it's not out in Canada yet)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you had a really fun Author Appreciation Week -- I know I love a lot of the authors you've featured here this week.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been here in a while, so I never got to see it until now, but I do love your layout. :)

  4. Awesome news for Sparrow Review!

    Loved your Author Appreciation posts. What a great idea!


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