Ridiculously Awesome Contest at Bloody Bookaholic

02 March 2010

Taschima Cullen from Bloody Bookaholic is hosting a Ridiculously Awesome Contest over at her blog!
" winner number 7 gets 1 book.
Winner number 6 gets 2 books.
Winner number 5 gets 3 books.
Winner number 4 gets 4 books.
Winner number 3 gets 5 books.
Winner number 2 gets 6 books.
Winner number 1 gets 7 books.

This one is the biggie. When we get all the way to 7 YOU get to choose your books and not from the list, but from either The Book Depository or Amazon. (There's a limit of 10 dollars per book).
And there's more! If I get to 800 followers I will add books (the amount will depend). Same as if I get to 850 or 900.
Also I will be emailing the winners and they get to choose the books. I will email winner number 2 give him/her the list and then with whatever is left I will give that list to winner number 3 and so on. You must answer within 48 hours or your name gets scratched and I go for another person."

There are AMAZING books that I've been DYING to read on her contest (which I really hope to win) so you must know, that you must enter!

I want to win:There are a lot more great books to pick from!

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  1. This is a great contest! It's awesome how you can choose your own books.

    By the way, I'v given you an award on my blog!


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