End of my contest! Winners not announced...

08 March 2010

So I finally decided to end my 100 follower contest, apparently the extra prizes that were supposed to be added hadn't arrived in the mail, and I've gotten tired of waiting. I'll save them for another contest :D

Anyway, I'm disappointed to know that some people lied on their forms (apparently saying that they are an old follower, but when I checked, they weren't on my original 100 list!) I told you I would know :D
Some people also DID NOT comment on my post, so they were disqualified.

And sadly, even AFTER I added (to the form) to put in your e-mail, I didn't get e-mails, so if you win, and I can't find your e-mail, you'll have to e-mail me, sorry!

So far I'm counting on entry 113, I'm assigning each person numbers for their entries so they'll be fair, I'm also using random.org.

Anyway, hope you had a great Monday! I didn't, I fell asleep in Language Arts, haha. Don't you love Mondays :D

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