25 March 2010

So I have these new book blogging ideas that I just recently came up with, a meme and an..idea.

So my News Around The Blogosphere posts has been really popular, so I decided to make it a meme. It doesn't have to be weekly, and you can post anytime you feel like it! It would be awesome if you could credit me for it!

Also, I've noticed that I don't review books I don't like, unless it's an ARC review, but I also want people to know how I feel about a book. So I've come up with a solution!

Sentence Reviews!
Just write a sentence or two that sum up your thoughts on a bad/not good/not enjoyable/didn't like book!


So what do you think? Do you like it? If you want to, or are planning to use my "creations" please link your blog below. (Lately I've been obsessed with Mr. Linky. I mean, what's not to love?)

6 thoughts:

  1. I think it's a great idea! I kind of already do a "News around the blogosphere" post but I always call it a "weekly update".
    The Sentence Reviews also sound cool! Although, I'm not sure I'll participate just yet. I'd love to see your example of one first :)

  2. I love the idea of sentence reviews, and I'll be looking forward to your first one as well. :-)

  3. I put up links to certain posts I like, but haven't reviewed any books on my blog. Nice idea.

  4. I probably won't do the News around the Blogosphere (I already have enough on my plate) by I think that I'll definitely do some sentence reviews!

  5. They both sound like great ideas. Sentence reviews would be good for when I don't really have much to say about a book.

  6. Its a great idea! You know my blog is in spanich but I'm still going to do it in some reviews


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